1. Analyse employee knowledge, skills and behaviours required by HR professionals

Developing Individuals, Teams and Organisations

Credit Value: 15 credits

Unit Aim

The aim of this unit is to provide students with the opportunity to appreciate that developing knowledge and skills to achieve high performance is a cross- organisation activity. Students will recognise that their own professional development is just one route to improving the performance of those teams and organisations in which they work. They will also gain an awareness of the context in which learning takes place and how development needs are linked to learning interventions aimed at supporting an organisation’s strategy.

Learning Outcomes

1. Analyse employee knowledge, skills and behaviours required by HR professionals
2. Analyse the factors to be considered when implementing and evaluating inclusive learning and development to drive sustainable business performance
3. Apply knowledge and understanding to the ways in which high-performance working (HPW) contributes to employee engagement and competitive advantage
4. Evaluate ways in which performance management, collaborative working and effective communication can support high-performance culture and commitment.    

Assessment Criteria

  • Produce a detailed and coherent professional development plan that appropriately sets out learning goals and training in relation to the learning cycle to achieve sustainable business performance objectives.    
  • Provide valid synthesis of knowledge and information resulting in appropriate judgements on how HPW and mechanisms used to support HPW lead to improved employee engagement, commitment and competitive advantage.     
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