1. Critically evaluate the impact of digital innovations on marketing practice.

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Digital Marketing Strategy & Analytics 

MSc Management with Digital Marketing
Coursework Three (CW3)

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Assessment Brief
To complete the assignment, you must choose a company/brand of your choice. You can also choose a company/brand where you have worked previously. The assessment entails a portfolio of three specific tasks and resulting outputs:

Task 1A blog discussing recent digital innovations (not older than 2 years) and their impact on marketing and examples of companies applying recent innovations

Task 2A business report detailing the strategic digital marketing plan including segmentation, targeting and positioning for a chosen brand as well as a proposal for the digital marketing mix

Task 3A PowerPoint presentation* with speaker notes on therole of analytics in supporting marketing decisions for a chosen product or service.

*Please note, you are required to put together a presentation slide deck and speaker notes, but you will not be asked to present the slides. In order for you to be successful, it is important for you to include both PowerPoint slides and speaker notes in your document as well as ensuring that they are located in the main body of the document and not the appendices.
Outputs for all three tasks need to be collated into one Microsoft Word document to be submitted via Turnitin. If you have any questions about formats, (a professional blog, a business report and a professional presentation), please speak to your tutor or module leader. You are expected to be familiar of the structure and layout of all document types likely to be asked of you as a potential future professional digital marketer.

Learning Outcomes:
In this assessment you need to demonstrate you meet the following module Learning Outcomes:
1. Critically evaluate the impact of digital innovations on marketing practice.
2. Critically evaluate the principles of segmentation, targeting and positioning to build a digital marketing strategy.
3. Critically assess the impact of digital technology on the marketing mix.
4. Analyse and critically evaluate the role of analytics for supporting marketing decisions.

Task 1:Blog (25 marks, LO1)
You are required to write a 1,250-word blog about recent digital innovations (no older than 2 years) and their impact on marketing practice. The blog should be written for marketing professionals. It is important that you show an appreciation of the intended target audience for your blog. In order to write the blog you should research the topic using both academic and professional journals.In your blog you should:

  • Clearly identify the intended target audience for the blog.
  • Discuss recent digital innovations (not more than two years) which are relevant to marketing.
  • Critically assess the impact these innovations have had on recent marketing practice.
  • Consider the positive as well as potential negative impact of recent digital innovations (not older than two years).
  • Use real-life examples throughout the blog to illustrate your points.
  • The blog should be included in the assessment document and submitted through Turnitin.
  • Support your arguments with academic literature and references.

Task 2: Strategic Marketing Plan report (40 marks, LO2 and LO3)
For a specific brand from a company of your choice you should write a 2000-word report detailing a digital marketing strategy intended to reposition the brand to serve a new segment. Your evaluation should be based on the principles of segmentation, targeting and positioning as well as marketing planning for the current as well as newly proposed digital marketing mix targeting the new segment with a re-designed digital marketing mix for the brand, relative to the competition in this segment

The report should be written for the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of the company which owns the brand you have selected. They want to re-position their brand and have asked you to develop a digital strategic marketing plan. You should research the brand using online public sources and professional journals.

In the report you should:

  • Provide brief background information to the brand you have chosen and using relevant Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning theory/models identify its current target segment(s) and positioning in the market.
  • Propose and justify a new position in the market for the selected brand.
  • Develop SMART objectives required to achieve the desired new position.
  • Critically evaluate the principles of segmentation, targeting and positioning in relation to digital marketing strategy.
  • Based on the proposed new position of the brand, outline your recommended traditional & digital marketing mix. Justify your findings considering relevant academic literature, facts and figures. 

Task 3: Developing a PowerPoint presentation and speaker notes (25 marks, LO4)
The Management Board of your chosen company has asked you to prepare a presentation on the “Role of Analytics in Supporting Marketing Decisions” for your specific brand (which can be the same or different from the one chosen for task 2) They want to understand how they can use big data to evaluate how effective their marketing is and how it can inform strategic and tactical decisions.You should research the company and its product or service using online public sources and professional journals. You should also use appropriate theories and frameworks to underpin your work.

In the presentation you should:

  • Discuss the role of analytics and big data in supporting marketing decision.
  • Identify and justify three relevant marketing metrics in relation to the marketing funnel.
  • Discuss the most appropriate way to present the metrics & KPIs which can monitor the company’s overall marketing performance, which facilitate effective strategic marketing decision making
  • Provide a rationale for the selected marketing metrics and KPIs. You can consider more than three metrics in this section.
  • Support your arguments with academic literature and references.

The PowerPoint presentation should be a maximum of 10 slides (excluding slides containing the list of references) and include speaker notes for each slide with a maximum 1,250 words in total. The slides and speaker notes should be included in the assessment document. Please speak to your tutor or module leader if you need further guidance on the format of the submission.

Portfolio’s presentation and structure (10 marks)
A maximum of 500 words is available for students to write an overall introduction and conclusion for the whole document that professionally integrates the THREE tasks of the portfolio into a cohesive document.

Your portfolio of the three tasks should have:

  • A clear structure and layout in line with the requested formats.
  • Appropriate headings to include introduction, main topic headings and a conclusion.
  • Professional and concise writing style.
  • All figures & tables properly titled & referenced, as well as being clearly mentioned in the main body of the document for each task.
  • Appropriate Harvard referencing throughout the portfolio with a range of credible sources.
  • The total word count of the portfolio tasks & integrative introduction & conclusion should not exceed 5,000 words. This includes headings and sub-headings, text-based tables, and in-text citations. It does not include the cover sheet, appendices, numerical tables, reference list, contents page or list of figures. Do be careful with using appendices, as they do not carry marks and should only be used when additional detailed useful background information may be necessary. Anything that you wish to be marked should be documented within the main body of your document.

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