1. Understand how organisations deliver their strategic objectives through projects.

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L7 Project and Organisational Strategy 

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Learning outcomes:
1. Understand how organisations deliver their strategic objectives through projects.
2. Understand the different approaches to project design and the situations where these approaches are more (or less) relevant.
3. Examine rationales behind variation in project management owing to organisational factors – within sectors /across sectors.
4. Be able to evaluate situation and need contingencies that impact organisational strategy and consequences of the same for project management.


This assignment shall seek to examine your understanding of the interface between organisational strategy and the projects that they do.

Choose an organisation and 3 projects that the organisation has done in the past ten years. These could include ongoing projects also. The organisation should be the project owner or a major contributor in the chosen projects (if one or more of the three projects is a collaborative project). After profiling the project and the organisation in brief, contrast the projects based on their type. You can use any typology/ characteristics that matter but no more than 4 characteristics to configure the way it suits the sample of projects here. You then need to critically discuss any key variations and similarities how the projects were carried out by the organisation. Then conclude by saying how you see the organisation in terms of its approach to doing projects. Finally provide recommendations with rationales and any issues that need to be noted in carrying out the recommendations.

Please submit as a PDF with explanatory notes. You should provide a PDF file of power point with explanatory notes comprising no more than 11 slides with annotations (you do not have to provide annotations on every slide – only where you feel they will help). The 11th slide should be without annotations and have references only, a typical assignment will have at least 8 references, no more than 15 references should be noted. Minimum suggested ‘font size’ if 18 for the first 10 slides and 10-12 for the reference slide. Annotations with the first 10 slides should have a font size of no less than 12. Font type is your choice but should be legible - Times New Roman or Arial is advised.

The suggested outline is (this is not binding – and spare space you can use the way you want to add analysis / enhance the assignment)

  • Slides 1: Cover slide (can have the assignment abstract/ student id and title).
  • Slides 2, 3 and 4: Organisation profile and brief profile of the three projects (you do not have to take one full slide for each project)
  • Slide 5: Contrast the project using characteristics (no more than 4 characteristics).
  • Slides 6-8: Key variations and similarities in how the organisation carried out the projects.
  • Slides 8: Conclude with clear points on what you can say about how the organisation carries out its projects based on the preceding content. NOTE: For simplicity you are assuming that the sample of three chosen projects here capture the overall portfolio of projects for the organisation.
  • Slides 9 -10: Recommend how you would like the organisation to change (or modify) the way it does projects based on just this sample of 3 projects you have looked at. OR, why it should not change/preserve as a good attribute if that be the case? Include why these recommendations hold value for the organisation and any issues in carrying out these recommendations.
  • Slide 11: References.

In regard to the PowerPoints file with explanatory notes (annotations), please follow the below steps so that the PDF includes Notes.
Step 1
Go into File and choose Print

Step 2
Go into Slides (under ‘Settings’) and choose Notes Pages

Step 3
Go into the Printer function and click on the arrow to the right, which opens the selection of printers available. There should be an option there that says: Microsoft Print to PDF.

Step 4
Push PRINT – It will then open a grey box with the heading (to the left): Save Print Output As – and give you the opportunity to choose a location folder and a name for the file.

Please refer to the marking criteria (below) for a breakd own of how the tasks will be marked.

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