107 Fundamentals of Computing Systems and Customer Care

Level 1 Award in ICT Systems Support (7276-11)

Unit Number/Title

National Curriculum for ICT Key stage 4 Programme of Study (PoS)

107 Fundamentals of Computing Systems and Customer Care

Finding information

  • Analyse systematically the requirements of a range of problems
  • scope the information flow required to develop an ICT-based solution
  • select appropriate information from a wide range of sources showing discrimination in their choices and questioning the plausability and value of information
  • explore, develop and interpret information to produce solutions that meet user needs
  • discuss, critically evaluate and justify information choices and act on feedback where appropriate

Developing ideas

  • develop quality ICT-based solutions to a range of problems for themselves and others that interface effectively with users
  • select and use, with increasing integration and efficiency, the appropriate ICT tools for a given problem
  • independently, explore, develop and interpret increasingly complex ICT based information to solve problems
  • use ICT effectively
  • discuss, critically evaluate and justify the choice of ICT tools and act on feedback where appropriate

Communicating information

    • use a range of information sources and ICT tools effectively to share, exchange and present information in a variety of contexts
  • create solutions that show they have considered how the information should be interpreted and presented in forms that suit audience, purpose and content
  • communicate and share information safely, responsibly and securely


  • review, modify and evaluate work as it progresses, reflecting critically and responding to user feedback
  • evaluate the effectiveness of their own and others` ICT-based solutions using the results to improve the quality of their work and to inform future work

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