1.1 Explain stakeholder roles in relation to qualityand standards in health and social care settings.

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Unit HSC705: Leading Change in Health and Social Care 

Level 7 Diploma in Health and Social Care [610/1483/7]

Unit code: J/650/4196
RQF Level: 7
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Unit Aim
The aim of this unit is to develop learners’ understanding of people management in organisations, from recruitment, through to HR processes, managing job performance, reward and recognition, and training and development

Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria

Learning Outcomes
When awarded credit for this unit,a learner will:

Assessment Criteria
Assessment of this learning outcome will require alearner to demonstrate that they can:

1. Understand perspectives of quality in health and social care services.

1.1 Explain stakeholder roles in relation to qualityand standards in health and social care settings.
1.2 Explore the role of external agencies in setting and maintaining standards.
1.3 Evaluate the impact of poor quality and standards on health and social care.
1.4 Analyse methods for evaluating health and social care quality of service provision.

2. Understand strategies for achieving quality in health and social care services

2.1 Explain ways in which quality can bemeasured in health and social care.
2.2 Evaluate approaches to implementing qualitysystems.
2.3 Analyse barriers to delivery of quality healthand social care services.

3. Understand the principles of change management in health and social care settings.

3.1 Analyse factors that drive change.
3.2 Describe underpinning theories of change management.
3.3 Describe approaches, tools and techniques that support the change process.
3.4 Explain the importance of effective changemanagement for service provision.

4. Be able to create a planand implement effective change within a health and social care organisation.

4.1 Assess and select relevant tools and techniques to implement and manage change.
4.2 Develop a plan to implement a change in an organisation.
4.3 Develop measures to monitor and evaluate the progress of the change plan.

5. Be able to analyse stakeholder responses to organisational change.

5.1 Assess possible risks associated with an organisatinal change process.
5.2 Apply a stakeholder analysis to understand possible resistance to change.
5.3 Critically appraise relevant strategies to manage resistance to change in organisations.
5.4 Evaluate effectiveness of quality systems, policies and procedures used in a health and social care setting.
5.5 Analyse factors that influence the achievement of quality in the health and socialcare provision.
5.6 Suggest ways in which the health and social care service could improve quality of service provision.

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