2. Critically evaluate current developments in international macroeconomic issues and their impact on business strategies and/or government policies.

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7EC503 International Economics for Business and Finance 

Key dates and details

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Word count:

3500 words.

Learning Outcomes:

1, 2

Description of the assessment

Module Learning outcomes:
On successful completion of the module, you will be able to:
1. Demonstrate critical understanding of the theoretical economic underpinnings of international trade and international finance.
2. Critically evaluate current developments in international macroeconomic issues and their impact on business strategies and/or government policies.
Your assessment for this module is 100% coursework. Following the special sessions run by the invited client company and using existing data, you will put yourselves in a consultancy role and write an economic report aimed at advising the client company on strategy. The report will generally help the client understand the developments in the international macroeconomic environment, identify risks and opportunities and make forward-looking recommendations.

Assessment Content
Your individual report will be on the impact of the current international economic environment on the competitiveness of the Tarkett Group and its perspectives for expansion in the target country given by Ian Tittershill, Senior Vice President International Tarkett Sports.

For the Academic Year 2023-24, the target country identified by Ian in his expert guest lecture on Mon 09 October is Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. The mode of entry requested is FDI (i.e. not exports).

You will apply the theories covered within the module, first, to explain and evaluate the competitiveness of the company and, second, to evaluate the economic risk factors in expanding its operations in the given target countries. You will identify the main developments/ factors of uncertainty in the international macroeconomic environment and discuss their impact on the company’s future. Further detail on the assessment will be provided during the special assessment preparation sessions identified in the module schedule.

I strongly recommend that you work on your assignment each week – the formative seminar activities and discussions are designed to help you in the application of each week’s topic to the assignment. Additionally, you will also have assessment preparation designated weeks (weeks 3, 11 and 12; see the module handbook) as well as the opportunity of additional assessment clinics in week 13.

The report will have to be submitted online in a Word document via the Turnitin submission link that will available in Blackboard (Courseresources) under Assessment.

Suggested report structure:

  1. Executive summary
  2. Introduction
  3. Company’s competitiveness – underpinning and evaluation
  4. Analysis of Tarket’s expansion via FDI in Saudi Arabia
  5. Analysis of Saudi Arabia as a regional production site
  6. Conclusions and Recommendations
  7. References

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