3. Appraise contemporary theories and the best management practices in organizations.

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MNGT325 Entrepreneurship 

OQF Level: 07

Course Information

Course Code: MNGT325

Course Title: Entrepreneurship

Course Description

This course is interdisciplinary, it is designed to help students unfold and develop their personal attributes required to become a successful entrepreneur through case studies, and creative problem solving. Students will identify, discuss and grow an idea about a business they might start.

Course Objectives

1. Familiarize students with the basics of entrepreneurship, innovation and make them appreciate its importance and impact on the economy.
2. Development of skills /attributes that enable the realization of opportunity and a successful startup.

Course Learning Outcomes

CLO1: Present own unique aptitude for entrepreneurship.
CLO2: Analyze the business environment to identify business opportunities
CLO3: Infer business ideas to plan a venture and entrepreneurial ecosystem of Oman
CLO4: Construct a formal business plan.
CLO5: Appraise own business plan considering legal and financial conditions for starting a business venture; performance indicators of entrepreneurial activity; effectiveness of different entrepreneurial/ business strategies.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

1. Express knowledge of conventional business functions including management information systems, accounting & finance, economics, marketing, human resources, operations, and strategy.
2. Exhibit effective communication skills in a diverse business environment and social settings.
3. Appraise contemporary theories and the best management practices in organizations.
4. Demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving skills that address management issues of organizations.
5. Apply research skills to develop competency in the research process with ethical considerations.
6. Assess the environment economically through the interpretation of economic data analysis as it is an important variable for organization planning.

College Graduate Attributes

1) Competent in their field of endeavor
a) Acquire essential disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge
b) Adept at applying the attained competencies and knowledge at workplace

2) Culturally and inter-culturally effective communicators
a) Develop effective skills in communicating with others in English
b) Build pragmatic knowledge of interacting with others in culturally diverse environments

3) Critical thinkers and problem solvers
a) Capable of exercising critical thinking techniques to solve problems in varied situations
b) Aware of local problems and capable of conducting relevant and quality research projects

4) Socially responsible
Develop personal integrity and professional ethics
b) Engage in contributing to the welfare of community and nation

5) Economically aware
Mindful of fundamental and contemporary economic issues
b) Aware of labor market requirements at local, regional, and international levels

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