3. Describe the role of the nurse in delivering person-centred nursing care across a range of environments and healthcare settings.

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NPCG1026 Person Centred Nursing Care 

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Written Assignment (2000 words)

Level of Assignment

Level 4


7.5 ECTS

Aim of the Module
This module will develop your knowledge and skills in planning care in partnership with people in order to ensure that care is person centred and empowering. Throughout the module your learning will focus on the skills needed to respond positively to people who are at particular risk of marginalisation across the lifespan.

Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of the module you will be able to:

1. Demonstrate the ability to plan and document nursing care that is person centred and responsive to people’s risks, needs and preferences.
2. Identify the principles of partnership working with people and carers which support the planning and delivery of person centred care.
3. Describe the role of the nurse in delivering person-centred nursing care across a range of environments and healthcare settings.
4. Understand the ethical and legal principles which underpin collaborative and person-centred health care practice.

Summative Assessment:
Written assignment (2000 words).
The work will justify and analyse the plan of care you have developed in your formative assignment.
This assessment comprises 100 % of the marks for this module.   
The pass mark is 40 % 

Detailed guidance
Your assignment should focus on one of the seven Scenarios provided on the module Blackboard site.
For each scenario, three or four ‘problem statements’ are provided which set out some of the key issues from the perspective of the service user.

You should choose TWO of these problems as the focus for your assignment.
You have developed a care plan for the person introduced in scenario you are focussing on.  This care plan MUST be included as an appendix to the assignment (not included in the word count)

The assignment itself should be in two parts / sections of approximately equal length.

Part 1
In relation to the scenario and problems you are focussing on, discuss and analyse how you would work in partnership with this person (and their family / carers) to understand and meet their needs, preferences and priorities. This discussion must also consider any relevant legal and ethical principles.

Part 2
Review the current evidence underpinning the nursing care set out in your care plan, and show how this evidence will ensure care will be effective in meeting the needs, preferences and priorities of the service user.

[Not included in word count]: A concisely written care plan for your chosen client’s main two or three health issues.

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