4.3 Develop a business case that incorporates process safety metrics in the sustainability goals of the organization

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Unit PSM701: Process Safety Management Systems 

Qualifi Level 7 International Diploma in Process Safety Management

Unit code: D/618/7616
RQF level: 7

Unit Aim
This unit aims to provide learners with the knowledge of the Process Safety Management (PSM) framework for process industries. It focuses on PSM system legal requirements, performance, and management of change and audit compliance. It also assesses learner`s knowledge about sustainability goals for process industries.

Learning Outcomes, Assessment Criteria


Learning Outcomes: When awarded credit for this unit, a learner can:


Assessment Criteria: Assessment of this learning outcome will require a learner to demonstrate that they can:


Implement Process Safety Management System (PSM) framework.


Analyse the characteristics of Inherently Safer Designs (ISD) principles


Develop a business case for implementing process safety management in industries


Evaluate the importance and role of integrating process safety management (PSM) with business management systems


Differentiate between process safety and occupational health and safety


Implement a strategic framework for process safety management


Develop an approach to apply process safety during the concept phase of a project life  cycle using Inherently Safer Designs principles.


Measure the performance of the PSM system by applying leading, lagging metrics and Perform Compliance Audit of Process Safety Systems.


Develop a strategy for Process Safety Performance measurement


Perform value gap analysis to improve an existing PSM system


Analyse the leading, lagging, near-miss metrics at tier 1,2,3,4 layers using an incident triangle or pyramid


Develop an audit framework for process safety management that is fit for purpose


Analyse the factors leading to the failure of process safety management audit


Implement Management of Change (MOC) in Process Safety Management System (PSM).


Develop a framework that examines the failure modes of MOC systems that occur during system design, rollout, operation and monitoring


Develop an implementation plan that integrates new (additional) elements into an existing PSM


Develop a strategy that identifies the types of changes that do and do not require a Management of Change review


Analyse the ways in which leadership can contribute to the effective implementation of management of change in PSM system


Review the regulatory and legal compliance of process safety systems and implement metrics that measure sustainability in the process safety area.


Analyse the requirements of relevant global process safety regulations in the UK, USA, European Union, and your country of work.


Evaluate the ethical and legal responsibilities of a Safety Engineer in a process plant


Develop a business case that incorporates process safety metrics in the sustainability goals of the organization


Analyse the process safety metrics that measure the sustainability goals of the process industry


Evaluate the ways in which leadership can contribute to achieving UN sustainability goals in the process safety area

Indicative Content

  • Process safety management, process safety business case, process safety management benefits (LO1)
  • Process safety and Occupational health and safety similarities (LO2)
  • Process safety management framework, process safety management model, CCPS, OSHA, EPI, API (LO3)
  • Inherently Safer Designs (ISD), concept phase (LO4),
  • Process Safety Performance measurement, value gap analysis, leading, lagging, near miss metrics, process safety metrics (LO5)
  • Management of Change (MOC), Failure modes of MOC systems, integrate new elements into an existing, effects of leadership (LO6)
  • Audit of Process Safety Systems, OSHA Audit protocol US 29 CFR and ICheme audit protocol (LO7)
  • Regulatory, Legal compliance in Process Safety, compliance standards (LO8)
  • Process sustainability, sustainability metrics and goals (LO9)

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