5. Understand activities required for the implementation of innovative marketing

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Unit 3: Innovation in Action 

CIM Level 6 Award in Innovation in Marketing (VRQ)
Innovation in Marketing is a 17-credit mandatory module which sits within the suite of Level 6 modules.

Learning Outcomes The learner will:

Assessment Criteria The learner can:

Indicative Content

5. Understand activities required for the implementation of innovative marketing

5.1 Develop a marketing plan to support the launch of innovative approaches

  • Background
  • Appropriate research techniques
  • Selection of relevant sources of information
  • Objectives
  • Strategy
  • Tactics
  • Action
  • Evaluation and measurement criteria


5.2 Determine cultural change to support the implementation of innovative approaches

  • Current organisational culture
  • Levels of trust and openness
  • Space and support for ideas
  • Attitudes to risk taking
  • Degrees of freedom to experiment
  • Fit with business strategy
  • Strategies for culture change
  • Development of a culture for managing risk

6. Develop a plan for the communication of innovation

6.1 Create internal and external marketing plans to launch/support chosen innovation

  • Internal communication plans
  • External communication plans
  • Target audiences
  • Key messages
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation and measurement criteria
  • Agency relationships


6.2 Determine the relevant metrics required to measure the success of innovation

  • Soft and hard measures of success
  • Achievement of objectives
  • ROI
  • Metric dashboards
  • Latest trends in metrics and their impact

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