5IT04: System Administration

5IT04: System Administration


Level 5 Diploma in IT-Web Design

Qualification No (RQF)


Unit Name

System Administration

Unit Reference


No of Credits

20 Credits


Assignment Question

Task 1 – 1000 words

Understand system administration

1.1: As a system administrator what are your responsibilities (1.1, 1.2)

1.2: What is LDAP and Active Directory? Describe the evolution of Directory Access Protocols (1.3)

1.3: Assume you are required to manage your university server. Describe the nature of it and explain how you would manage its applications. Justify your policy on taking backups and explain when would you take backups and when would you take snapshots (1.4, 1.6, 1.7)

1.4: When multiple nodes are connected to the server explain how you would handle local and group policies in either Linux or Windows (1.5)

Assessment Criteria

1.1  Analyse the role of the system administrator

1.2  Analyse the elements within system administration

1.3  Analyse the history of the active directory and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)

1.4  Analyse the difference between snapshots and backups

1.5  Analyse the differences between local and group policies on Windows and Linux

1.6  Analyse the role and requirements of backup and restore policies

1.7  Analyse the requirements of managing applications

Task 2 – 1000 words

Perform user management and file system management

Assume you are required to migrate the server from Windows environment to Linux Environment.

2.1: Write a shell script in windows to check current running services and to view list of current users. Write a shell script in Linux to ping the list of connected nodes. How would you take snapshots in both servers using shell scripts? (2.1, 2.4)

2.2: Describe how you would create 2groups in linux (Primary group, Secondary group) and add users to them. Explain how you would install a printer and make it shared within a selected group (2.2, 2.3)

2.3: How you would analyze the performance of Linux and describe how you would carry out below tasks to optimize current settings (2.5)

Assessment Criteria

2.1  Write shell scripts that enable administration tasks to be performed on Linux and Windows systems: Get Help; Check Services; List Users and ping a list of servers

2.2  Set up and configure users and groups to the agreed standard

2.3  Install and configure file and printer sharing to agreed standards

2.4  Write shell scripts to perform snapshots on Linux and Windows servers to agreed standards

2.5  Tune performance through the application of a range of utilities and tools to agreed standards


  1. For each of the criteria listed in the first column, circle one box in the corresponding column to the right which best reflects the student’s work on this particular assessment activity (e.g., project, presentation, essay).
  2. Provide specific feedback to a student about each of the criteria scores he/she earned by writing comments and suggestions for improvement in the last row titled “Instructor’s comments.”
  3. To arrive at a mark, total the boxes and divide by 5 to arrive at final mark.

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