5IT06 Network Design and Administration

5IT06 Network Design and Administration


Level 5 Diploma in IT - Networking

Qualification No (RQF)


Unit Name

Network Design and Administration

Unit Reference


No of Credits

20 Credits


Assignment Question

Task 1 – 600 words

Understand network design

1.1: What is the importance of having a computer network and what are the benefits for users? (1.1)

1.2: Describe the functionalities of this each layer in Hierarchical internet working model (1.2)

1.3: What is link aggregation and its benefits? Explain how Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) works (1.3)

Assessment Criteria

1.1  Analyse the requirements of users

1.2  Analyse the different layers in hierarchical network design

1.3  Analyse competing protocols in link aggregation

Task 2 – 700 words

Configure a local area network and a VLAN

2.1   How to set up a VLAN in IEEE 802.1Q standard? Describe the role of the Router and Switch in VLAN (2.1)

2.2 : Differentiate Basic NAT vs One-to-many NAT. Describe following methods of translation (2.3)

2.3: Select an Operating System and give step by step guide to enable and to configure Remote Desktop for Administration (2.4)

2.4: You are required to set up a LAN to your workplace. Describe how you would cope with scalability? (2.2)

Assessment Criteria

2.1  Set up and configure a VLAN to agreed standards

2.2  Analyse the requirements of connectivity and scaling

2.3  Analyse the types and methods used in Network Address Translation (NAT)

2.4  Configure remote connections on Linux and Windows systems to agreed standards

Task 3 – 700 words

Administer a network

3.1   As a network administrator what are your main duties? Describe tools that you can use to automate or effectively carry out these tasks. What are the common troubleshooting tasks and explain how you would resolve them (3.4, 3.5, 3.1)

3.2   Explain Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) with examples (3.3)

3.3   What is “link aggregation” and how do you configure it to benefit your network (3.2)

Assessment Criteria

3.1  Diagnose and resolve faults in the system

3.2  Configure a network backbone using link aggregation that demonstrates a speed increase

3.3  Analyse the history of the spanning tree protocol and its role in network redundancy

3.4  Analyse the role of a network administrator

3.5  Evaluate the technologies and applications available for network administration.


  1. For each of the criteria listed in the first column, circle one box in the corresponding column to the right which best reflects the student’s work on this particular assessment activity (e.g., project, presentation, essay).
  2. Provide specific feedback to a student about each of the criteria scores he/she earned by writing comments and suggestions for improvement in the last row titled “Instructor’s comments.”
  3. To arrive at a mark, total the boxes and divide by 5 to arrive at final mark.

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