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11. Analyse how people practice connects with other areas of an organisation and supports wider people and organisational strategies. (AC 3.2)

10. The CIPD Profession Map states ‘People practices are the processes and approaches that we use across the employee lifecycle’. Discuss the links between the employee lifecycle and different people practice roles. (AC 3.1)

9. The CIPD’s Health and wellbeing at work survey 2022 found, ‘There is less management focus on health and wellbeing compared with the first year of the pandemic’, and goes on to remark that this is disappointing.

8. A variety of models have been developed to explain how change is experienced. Discuss one model that explains how change is experienced. (AC 2.4)

7. Peter Cheese, current CEO of CIPD asserts, ‘People professionals are a vital function in supporting businesses to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances’. Explain two different models or theories to managing change. (AC 2.3)

6. Assess how people practices in your organisation (or one with which you are familiar) impact both on organisational culture and behaviour, drawing on examples to support your arguments. (AC 2.2)

5. Explain Edgar Schein’s model of organisational culture and explain one theory or model which examines human behaviour. (AC 2.1)

4. When setting out its view on automation, AI and technology, the CIPD states, ‘Automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and other workplace technologies are bringing major changes to work and employment.’

3. Analyse three external factors or trends currently impacting your organisation (or one with which you are familiar). The impact of these factors or trends could be positive, neutral or negative

2. Analyse connections between your organisation’s strategy (or an organisation with which you are familiar) and its products or services, and customers. (AC 1.2)

5CO01 Organisational performance and culture in practice

1. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the organisation structure in your organisation (or an organisation with which you are familiar) and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of one other organisation structure.

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