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a busy hotel is located on the edge of a large city it has three levels and a total of 100 rooms as the hotel is in high demand the owner has decided to add 30 new rooms

b. what are the negative aspects of the pcs analysis of the information during the incident investigation

a. comment on whether the vibration exposure is acceptable for the worker using the vibrating poker

b. Comment on the control measures that could be taken to reduce vibration exposure to this worker

Comment on how the management of temporary works on this construction site is a effectively controlled

7. comment on organisational factors that would negatively influence health and safety behaviour on this site

8. part of a construction phase plan is to outline health and safety arrangements what was ineffective about the health and safety arrangements made on site

9. what topics should be included in a site health and safety induction for construction workers

10. the principal contractor is concerned that vehicle movement is not being effectively managed on this site

c. additional control measures that can be put in place to further reduce the level of risk

11. prioritise five of your additional control measures from question 10 c for each prioritised control briefly justify your prioritisation in terms of risk reduction

a principal designer pd has been both consulted and appointed and a principal contractor pc has been hired


2.1. Describe features of manual and electronic information storage systems that help ensure security.