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A.P1 Explain how the concepts of nutritional health contribute to health and wellbeing

LO4 Develop a media plan to support a marketing campaign for an organisation

D.P7 Review own strengths and areas for development in response to feedback on work experience placement.

This task seeks to assess your application of knowledge and understanding in relation to L&D design. It requires you to design an L&D programme AND to explain how your design meets the requirements of AC 3.3.

To complete this task, you can draw on a real organisational L&D need you are aware of. The L&D need should require a programme of development (i.e. not just a single session) and should be in relation to at least 6 learners.

A medium sized organisation has recruited 16 internal applicants from operational roles to managerial roles. The recruits work across the organisation’s 3 sites and all have good job and organisational knowledge.

3. With reference to your L&D design, explain how/where your design includes: – clearly stated L&D objectives – learning content and methods which address the objectives

2. In the main body of your assignment, briefly explain the context of your L&D design. If it is your own example, briefly explain this OR if using the provided example above, confirm this

1. Design an L&D programme which addresses your identified L&D objectives. Provide your design in an appropriate format (e.g. table, spreadsheet, specialist software pages, customised template, etc.)

9. Discuss a range of L&D methods and how they can be blended to form an engaging and effective learning solution. (AC 3.2)

8. Assess how two learning related theories or models have impacted the design of L&D programmes. (AC 3.1)

7. Assess how individual and team L&D objectives should align to organisational strategy and priorities. (AC 2.4)

6. Explain with an example how raw learning need data can be converted into clearly stated L&D objectives. (AC 2.3)

5. Describe how you have (or would) conduct stakeholder analysis to identify learning needs. (AC 2.2)