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1. Identify and analyse a public health issue in a defined population

The Constitutional Reform Act 2005 s.63 (as amended) provides that the selection of judges ‘must be solely on merit’.

Carry out an macro-environmental analysis of the Scotch Whisky and Brexit (2019) case study (including the Findings in Appendix 1).

Topic: Getting the balance right: Qualitative evaluation of a holistic weight management intervention to address childhood obesity

LO3: Describe the impact of own relationship with the individual and multidisciplinary team members involved in the delivery of the care pathway.

LO1 Examine the health, care and support services available to an individual requiring multidisciplinary care.

2.1 Explain how legislation, policy and codes of practice relating to equality, diversity and discrimination apply to own work role.

1. Understand the importance of diversity, equality and inclusion.

Write an essay using your knowledge of international trade and foreign direct investment. Identify the key consequences of a no deal Brexit.

1. Discuss theories and models relevant to personal development;

LO2: To raise awareness of the role of risk assessment/management in the provision of evidence-based care.

Interview a brand manager or another manager with operational responsibility for a brand. Explore how they interpret and measure the value of brands within their organization.

Summarize findings and discussion around Corona Virus and its relative effects on different sectors of stock market.

Critically, analyse and interpret research findings using appropriate data analysis techniques.