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ii. Analyse motivational techniques that can be used to create high performing teams (AC3.3)

i. Evaluate good practice approaches which can be used for enabling and supporting high performing teams (AC3.2)

From the list shown below, write an account discussing THREE (3) methods that can be used for monitoring and managing individual and team performance (AC3.1).

iv. Examine the use of coaching and mentoring models to support team development (AC2.4)

iii. Assess the factors which will impact on the learning and development activities selected for individuals and teams (AC2.3)

i. Evaluate techniques that can be used for assessing current and future capabilities and requirements of a team (AC2.1)

TASK 2: Basing your response on the scenario given above or an organisation you know well or have researched, write a report entitled ‘Approaches to achieving a balance of skills and experience in a team’.

SCENARIO: You have been asked to manage a new department responsible for human resources and payroll. This function had previously been outsourced to another organisation.

TASK 1: You are required to write a report entitled ‘The approaches to developing, managing and leading teams’.

iv. Develop approaches to respond to the challenges of managing and leading multiple and remote teams (AC1.4)

ii. Discuss practical approaches for effective team management and leadership (AC1.2)

i. Evaluate the use of a minimum of TWO (2) theoretical models for developing, managing and leading teams (AC1.1)

LO3 Know techniques for leading individuals and teams to achieve success

LO2 Understand approaches to achieving a balance of skills and experience in teams