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Collate, structure and present and use information from given data sets.

Describe and present information from given data sets.

LO1: Evaluate working with children and families from a range of theoretical frameworks.

LO1 Critically analyse the central values that inform social care practice.

1. Understand how to promote the application of person-centered approaches in care settings

1. Identify business financial decisions, and critically analyze their impacts on value, and the nature of the broader financial and regulatory environment

Explain the market structure in the UK within which Nandos operates

LO2: Understand the complexity of competitive environment and discuss is impact on developing effective marketing decisions and marketing strategies in organisations.

The ABS reported that in September 2007, a cycle peak, the working-age population was 16,808,200, the labour force was 10,979,300, and employment was 10,514,600.

a. ABC Company produces 100 pendants per day. The total fixed cost for the plant is $5000 and the total variable cost is $15000 per day.

Debra can make either 12 cakes or 16 cookies in 4 hours. Sam can make either 6 cakes or 12 cookies in 4 hours.

Task 3 LO3: Be able to revise business objectives and plans to incorporate proposed changes

Task 1 LO1: Be able to investigate the performance of a selected small business enterprise

(3) Discuss how the chosen company contributes to the indigenous people and to the local communities in which they operate (LO4).