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LO1 Investigate how menus are planned and designed to meet customer and business requirements

1. Identify factors that you think your client company should collect information on, that is needed for the company’s internationalisation strategy.

Be able to identify and select an education project.

Be able to identify and select a business project.

Identify two companies that you would consider working for. Do this based on your interests and goals. You may choose a company you currently work for or one you have previously worked for (if you would work for them again)

Identify their organizational chart and where your likely role would fall within the company.

Discuss each company’s mission, vision and what they stand for and how that resonates with you.

Provide a brief summary of the advice you would provide to your organisation on good and lawful practice for managing dismissal, retirement and redundancies. (AC 4.1)

Explain some of the main legal requirements in relation to recruitment and selection and briefly assess the strengths and weaknesses of at least two different methods of recruitment and selection. (AC 2.5,2.6)

Provide evidence to show your contribution to plans for downsizing an organisation. (AC 2.3)

4 Know how to manage dismissal, redundancy and retirement effectively and lawfully.

3 Understand how to maximise employee retention

2 Be able to undertake talent planning and recruitment activities

1 Understand key contemporary labour market trends and their significance for workforce planning.