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Give examples of how collective and social learning can contribute to organisational learning and help an organisation achieve its strategic agenda.

Give examples of current social media and e-learning tools and technologies and how these are used by various groups to support an organisation in achieving its learning objectives.

2 Know about different models of collective and social learning and their application within the workplace.

1 Understand the constructs of collective and social learning.

At least three different types of coaching and three different types of mentoring that can be implemented in organisations. (AC 2.1)

 An explanation of the terms coaching and mentoring, their similarities and differences, their respective purposes and key benefits for different stakeholders. AC 1.2,1,2)

1. Understand the nature, purpose and benefits of coaching and mentoring in organisations.

LO1 Identify and demonstrate the skills of a higher education student.

1.2. Present information in a structured sequence so that idea and concepts are easily followed by the audience.

1. Give a short presentation about a straightforward subject

The key cultural differences between Italy and China and how this may impact HRM and managerial practice.

HRMIC Assignment – ‘La Costbucks’

How the local authorities are dealing with the existing number of homeless people in Ireland?

Chapter 4 - Findings ( use graphs, charts, tables etc)Use the method specified in the Literature Review/ Methodology the 4 objective questions.