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2. Explanation and evaluation of HRM practices

Undertake an assessment of the organisation’s approach to workforce planning, recruitment and selection, development and training, performance management and reward systems.

Provide an overview of the organisation and an explanation on the purpose and functions of Human Resources Management in the organisation.

Determine the current strategic position of Air Malta. Evaluate the different strategic options for the future.

3. Be able to select and use appropriate research methods to meet specified research objectives

2. Have a critical appreciation of the strengths and weaknesses of a range of research methods in specific research projects

1. Be able to contextualise the choice, design and implementation of methods relative to research philosophies and methodologies

3.1. Draw meaningful conclusions from the review and make justified recommendations for improvements in practice.

1.1. Summarise the stages of the research process and compare different data collection methods.

You have recently been appointed by a large investor in the UK who is seeking to develop Target stores in the UK

5. Explain the role of the cell membrane in regulating how nutrients are gained and waste products lost.

2. Compare and contrast prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells and distinguish them from viruses.

1. Explain origins, penetration, energy deposition and measurement of different radiations.

Explain Newton’s Laws of Motion and discuss the implications, giving appropriate examples to support your commentary.