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Sustainable design is the purposeful design of buildings and places that minimise harmful environmental impacts, drastically reduces carbon emissions, and positively increase health, wellbeing, nature and biodiversity

LO6 Formulate responses based on evidence from research and practice.

LO5 Appraise the contributions the built environment professionals and professional bodies make towards sustainable built environments.

LO3 Evaluate the instruments through which sustainable built environments are promoted and measured around the globe including accreditation schemes, and legislation.

LO2 Propose responses that can be made, at different scales, to move towards a sustainable built environment.

CO7005 Sustainable Built Environments

BTEC Level 4 Higher National Certificate in Construction and the Built Environment

Energy Efficient Construction from Design to Use

P6 Produce specifications, schedules and an outline construction health and safety phase plan for a given project.

M2 Analyse the importance of clash detection and information coordination.

Analyse the ways in which different forms of contractual relationships between stakeholders influence flow of information in a construction project.

Produce a report of all of your calculations, research and final results identifying the tasks carried out. This should be in the form of a technical report identifying your sources of information with suitable referencing.

After completing your design of the building fabric and services, any carbon required to be offset will have to be identified and you will be required to show how this additional carbon can be offset.

You will be designing the services required for the building, so it will be your responsibility to ensure that these are as efficient as possible and comply with the current Building Regulations