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K1 Demonstrate understanding of the role and importance of marketing within an organisation and within the business environment.

Write a Reflective Diary on ‘How Culture has contributed to your Identity’

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of how to study effectively, taking responsibility for your own learning and your personal development

P1 Explain innovation and determine its importance to organizations in comparison with invention.

You will need to demonstrate an understanding on social issues relating to the business case.

MAN127-Business Skills for Leadership

Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights and Robert Louis Stevenson’s ‘The Beach of Falesá’ are nineteenth-century literary works that draw on the Victorian realist tradition

Prepare a Management/Consultancy/Work Based Project Proposal for your chosen Management/Consultancy/Work Based Project topic/subject.

The role of people management in organisations - including the line manager`s role;

Explain the effect of changing pressure, con‐ centration of a reactant or product, or temperature on the composition of a reaction mixture in equilibrium.

Use mean bond enthalpy data to predict the standard enthalpy changes of reactions, for example, of alkanes.

Identify exothermic and endothermic reactions from their standard enthalpy change data.

Atmospheric ions are electrically charged particles which occur naturally in the atmosphere.

The extract mentions ‘covalent bonds’. Explain what these are, and the formation of different types that can exist i.e. single, multiple etc.