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Part one: Critically consider and evaluate the role and value of the performance assessment approach in an international sustainable context.

6. Know how to manage performance and disciplinary matters lawfully.

3. Know how to manage change and reorganisation lawfully.

1. Understand the purpose of employment regulation and the way it is enforced in practice.

Use the PESTEL framework to analyse the external environment of your chosen company. (40 Marks)

Critically evaluate own practice against the aims and intentions of one (1) current public health campaign.

Understand how health and social care services meet the needs of individuals through the lifespan

Understand human growth and development across the lifespan

7. Explain the relationship that exists between the nervous system and the endocrine system in gaining homeostatic control.

2. Outline structures and functions of the organ systems of the human body to include:

Understand the structure and functions of the organ systems of the human body

Explain different stages of systems development; you should look at this from the investigation phase, right through to operational level.

Explain different features of administrative systems within those different types and sizes of organisations.

2. You will be able to consider a complex issue in retail theory and practice and propose feasible alternative options for consideration.