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P4 Explain the strategies and communication techniques used with individuals different needs to overcome different challenges.

P1 Explain the importance of promoting equality and diversity for individuals with different needs.

AO1 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of methods, skills and ethical issues related to carrying out research within the health and social care sector

AO1 Demonstrate knowledge of the structure, organisation and function of the human body Command words: complete, define, describe, in which, match, state, what, which

AO3 Analyse and evaluate information related to the roles and responsibilities of health and social care workers and organisations and how workers and organisations are monitored and regulated

AO1 Demonstrate knowledge of service user needs, roles and responsibilities of workers, and working practices within the health and social care sector

AO3 Analyse and evaluate information related to human development theories/models and factors affecting human growth and development

AO1 Demonstrate knowledge of physical, intellectual, emotional and social development across the human lifespan, factors affecting human growth and development and effects of ageing

Identify possible violations of intellectual property law, especially those occurring in online business.

Identify forms of intellectual property (trademarks, patents, copyrights and trade secrets) and explain how they are used as protections in internet business matters.

Compare and contrast ideological and methodological paradigms of human evolutionary history

Apply anthropological research methods including measurement and data collection techniques used to study human prehistory and early human civilizations

4. Distinguish between dementia, depression and delirium.

1. Identify and describe the different causes and types of dementia, and understand the symptoms and difficulties people will experience.