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Discuss the policy context in which early education and care is constructed, supported and promoted, considering national, European and international policy

Critically discuss contemporary approaches to play, learning and pedagogy

Identify methods of promoting and protecting children’s rights in early years practice, including the right to be heard, to participate, to inclusion, amongst others;

Demonstrate an understanding of children’s rights and apply this perspective to a range of policy and practice issues;

Develop an understanding of the complex, multi-disciplinary, inter-related and intractable nature of strategic issues confronting the senior management of firms

Demonstrate mastery of the concepts, theories and techniques on which strategic management in the business sector is based

Demonstrate relevant sample collection, handling and storage skills for alkalinity and dissolved inorganic carbon samples and an understanding of the complexity of pH measurement.

Define and describe the processes that lead to acidification of marine, coastal, transitional, fresh and drinking water resources.

Knowledge of the history and genesis of acute medicine as a specialty nationally and internationally.

2.1 Discuss considerations for regular posts and other content to be published on social media websites.

1.1 Discuss recent developments in social media that have changed the way businesses promote products and services.

2.2 Compare typical behaviours of good actors and bad actors.

1.3 Describe the consequences and implications of inadequate cyber security for businesses.

2.3 Describe how wireless mobile communication technologies are benefitting businesses.