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LA5015 Tort Law

MSc International Business with HRM (F/T, P/T)

MSc International Business with Data Analytics (F/T, P/T)

(a) You have been given the basis of a structure for this assignment. Take time to make sure each section links, you have avoided repetition and your work has a logical flow.

Part c – Entrepreneurial characteristics: What are the individual characteristics an entrepreneur needs to help overcome some of these barriers and allow him/her to take advantages of the opportunities you see in your country?

Part b – Barriers to entrepreneurship. As above this should be based on your home country and specific to the sector you have chosen (you want to acknowledge where the ecosystem needs to be developed or refined).

Part a – with reference to the Isenberg model, show how the entrepreneurial ecosystem in your country/region/city can help you succeed in your chosen sector.

Scenario: Imagine you are returning to set up a small business in your home country. You want to explore the possibilities and gauge your chances of success [you can choose any sector but need to be specific - and realistic!]

Coursework: Title Examination of entrepreneurial opportunities in [home country]

4. Apply knowledge of International Entrepreneurship, Born Globals and International New Ventures, and their processes and practices, creatively to problem solving situations.

3. Identify, analyse and synthesize materials from primary and secondary sources that assist in the understanding of International Entrepreneurship

2. Demonstrate knowledge of the factors which influence attitudes and behaviour in an international context

1. Describe and critically discuss the nature of Born Global internationalisation, and the emerging theories and concepts underpinning International Entrepreneurship.

The aim of the module is to lead students towards an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the international growth and development process of firms from their inception through to maturity as established international firms