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5. Understand, articulate, and provide sustained argument on how Cloud Computing can be used to enhance the use of mobile computing in business.

4. Demonstrate an ability to maintain ease of data access/usability across several platforms.

3. Scope, design, implement and critically evaluate a basic security policy to keep confidential data safe on a mobile device.

2. Understand and critically evaluate the different tools and techniques for mobile application development.

1. Design and implement a mobile application, showing systematic knowledge of relevant tools, methods and processes.

Essay: Designing and Building a mobile App (CW1)

VT6002CEM Mobile App Development

LO3 Research and develop evidence-based solutions to the challenges posed by programme and project management in educational contexts.

LO2 Synthesise how cultural, communication, management and teamwork issues affect project management, with specific reference to educational settings.

LO1 Analyse case studies of educational management through the lens of different methodological approaches.

• Discuss personal implications for yourself as a reflective practitioner in a leadership role.

• Critically reflect on external factors (cultural, communication, management and teamwork issues) your group encountered which affect programme/project management and the developing/designing/decision-making process.

• Write an individual report which critically reflects on the process of devising a strategic intervention as part of an educational management team.

• Be underpinned by relevant educational management approaches and theories (you can include resources introduced on any other relevant modules and materials from the FutureLearn courses recommended).