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a. Undertake breakeven analyses (charts included) based on only the development of houses on both proposed schemes. Based on the break even analyses, advise MF4BE on which of the twos chemes is the best.

You are required to assess the suitability of the chosen construction company or housebuilder, as a building contractor by preparing a report on the financial “health” of this company

The proposed development will take place on a site in a new neighbourhood called East of Harry Stoke (EoHS) near Stoke Gifford situated on the urban edge of north Bristol near the University of the West of England and close to the M32 and M4 motorways.

MF4BE, a leading local housing developer of the Southwest is considering a new housing development to be built under a quasi-social housing agreement with a national house-building firm.

4. Critically apply and appraise the uses and management of finance and accounting concepts and techniques to an organisation.

3. Examine and discuss the principles of costing, overheads, break-even analysis, and pricing theories; and analyse how organisations prepare and use budgets.

2. Evaluate and interpret the contents of financial reports with the use of recognised tools to assess a company’s performance and financial position.

1. Examine how organisations compile financial records and compute financial statements; and analyse the legislation, accounting concepts and principles that underpin financial statements.

Managerial Finance for the Built Environment - UBLMKW-15-M

3CO01 Business, culture and change in context


A discussion of how organisational change can impact people in different ways, such as changing their role or status or financial situation. (AC 3.3)

An explanation of the importance and role that can be played by people professionals within change. You might consider roles such as: gatekeeper, champion, facilitator, critical friend or record-keeper. (AC 3.2)

An explanation of why it is important that organisational change is planned, and effectively managed. (AC 3.1)