An explanation of why it is important that organisational change is planned, and effectively managed. (AC 3.1)

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3CO01 Business, culture and change in context 

Learner Assessment Brief
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Level 3 Foundation Certificate in People Practice

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Task - Information sheet
Your manager has asked you to prepare an information sheet about the organisation and its environment to support the onboarding of a new member of the People Team. You decide that to be effective in their role, the new team member needs an appreciation of the organisation’s activities, goals and how the external environment impacts these. As organisational culture and change are essential to achieving business goals and responding to the external environment you decide to add points about these too.

Your information sheet can be based on your own organisation or one(s) with which you are familiar, and must include the following:

  1. An examination of three key external influences impacting or likely to impact the organisation’s activities. (AC 1.1)
  2. A discussion of at least two of the organisation’s business goals and why it is important for organisations to plan for how they will achieve these. (AC 1.2)
  3. A discussion of the organisation’s products and/or services and main customers. (AC 1.3)
  4. A short review of information and communication technologies available to people professionals and how these can be, or are, used to improve working practices and collaboration. (AC 1.4)
  5. A definition of what is meant by organisational culture and an explanation of why it is important to foster an appropriate and effective workplace culture. (AC 2.1)
  6. An explanation of how organisations are whole systems, within which aspects such as structure, systems and culture are all inter-related, and how people professionals’ work and actions could impact elsewhere in the organisation. (AC 2.2)
  7. An explanation of why it is important that organisational change is planned, and effectively managed. (AC 3.1)
  8. An explanation of the importance and role that can be played by people professionals within change. You might consider roles such as: gatekeeper, champion, facilitator, critical friend or record-keeper. (AC 3.2)
  9. A discussion of how organisational change can impact people in different ways, such as changing their role or status or financial situation. (AC 3.3)

Your evidence must consist of
§ an information sheet of approximately 2500 words +/- 10%
Please make it clear in your evidence which question and assessment criteria you are addressing, for example, Q1 – AC 1.1.

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