B Apply investigation skills for a research project in sport

Unit E: Research Project in Sport

  • Level: 3
  • Unit type: 
  • Guided learning hours: 120

Unit in brief

Learners propose and undertake research within a sport context.

Unit introduction

The principles of improvement are central to sport and are enabled through knowledge and understanding identified through research and investigation. Whether trying to engage the community to be more active or develop new tactics and techniques, there are always opportunities for development that come through testing practice or assessing information. Being able to manage a research project is a highly valuable and desirable skill.

In this unit, you will develop broad research skills, including knowledge, understanding and professional behaviours required for independent investigations in sport. You will develop the skills needed to form a proposal in response to a theme and related topics. You will form a hypothesis and define a methodology for investigating the validity of the hypothesis. You will follow ethical guidelines and use techniques for analysing and interpreting data in order to draw conclusions and consider the impact of these.

On successful completion of this unit, you will be able to propose and carry out independent research within a range of careers or in higher education. The problem-solving and analytical skills developed are highly valued in higher education and in employment.

Learning aims

In this unit you will:

A. Propose a research project in sport

B. Apply investigation skills for a research project in sport

C. Draw conclusions from a research project in sport.

Summary of unit

Learning aim

Key content areas

Recommended assessment approach

A Propose a research project in sport

A1 Creating a proposal and forming a hypothesis for research

A2 Data collection for research

A3 Validity and reliability in research

The assignment brief for this unit must be based on the Pearson-set theme and topic. Select one of the topics and use this to create a brief or briefs with tasks that cover all criteria and learning aims.

If using more than one brief, the criteria for learning aim A must be covered in both.

B Apply investigation skills for a research project in sport

B1 Applying research practice principles to an investigation

There must be no more than two assignment briefs to cover all learning outcomes. It is possible to cover all learning aims and criteria in one brief.

If using more than one brief, the criteria for learning aims B and C must covered in both.

C Draw conclusions from a research project in sport

C1 Interpreting data and information

C2 Drawing conclusions

C3 Presenting information

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