BSS057-6 Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Unit title & code

BSS057-6 Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Assignment number and title

2: Patchwork Assessment

Assignment type


Weighting of assignment


Size or length of assessment

3,600 words (+/- 10%)

Unit learning outcomes

On completion of this unit you should be able to:

1       Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding

Demonstrate a systematic understanding and critical appreciation of theories and models of creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and change management in the context of contemporary organisations.

2. Demonstrate the following skills and abilities

Synthesise individual and organisational theoretical perspectives to systematically promote the potential for creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and change in practice.


What am I required to do in this assignment?

The assignment focuses on corporate innovation and entrepreneurship (CIE) and requires research, collection, compilation, critical analysis and creation of and reflection on ‘Patches’ stitched together by a common theme, crisis-driven innovation, to presents an holistic and integrated solution. 

  1. During the second half of the unit, you will need to research, identify and collect a series of patches on corporate entrepreneurship in context as the patches relate to a crisis situation, internal or external, that can lead to an entrepreneurial response(s). 
  • Patch 1: Creative Climate and Leadership
  • Patch 2: Change Process 
  1. You will then conceive the best way in which to stitch together the patches so they present an integrated and holistic response to the crisis in question, supported by quality academic theories, models and frameworks. 
  1. Drawing on your critical analysis and evaluation of your collated patches, the final step of your task will be to reflect on the process of collating and stitching together information into a Patchwork that engages with CIE, completes the crisis-driven response, and aligns with the theme and assignment. You will present your analyses, findings and completed Patchwork, which should total 3,600 words (+/- 10%). 

N.B. "The essence of a patchwork is that it consists of a variety of small sections, each of which is complete in itself, and that the overall unity of these component sections, although planned in advance, is finalised retrospectively, when they are ‘stitched together’. Thus, a ‘patchwork text’ assignment is gradually assembled during the course and consists of a sequence of fairly short pieces of writing, which are designed to be as varied as possible and to cover educational objectives….



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