CIPD LEVEL 3 Foundation Certificate in People Practice

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3CO03 Core Behaviours for People Professionals 

CIPD LEVEL 3 Foundation Certificate in People Practice

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Learning outcomes: The learner will

Assessment criteria: The learner can

Marks (1-4)


Assessor feedback and comments

TASK 1- Ethical Practice
250 to 1300 words.



AC1.1 Explain ethical principles and professional values including how these can inform approaches to work.



AC answered correctly and sufficiently:
There is an explanation of an ethical principle and a professional value. There is a description of how the principle and value inform the students approach to work with practical examples to illustrate the answer.
There is evidence of reading and research. 

Developmental comment:
Referencing has not been completed correctly. Please refer to the guide on referencing provided.
It is better to have references at the end of the essay, not after each section.


AC1.2 Specify ways in which you conform consistently with relevant regulation and law within the context of ethics and professional practice.



AC answered correctly and sufficiently:   
Two examples of ethics related legislation are discussed. The student specifies ways in which she conforms to this ethics related legislation.

Developmental comment:
The legislation should have a reference at the end.
The second section should be proofread to improve the language.


AC2.1 Summarise ways of demonstrating respectful and inclusive working, in relation to:

  • contributing your views and
  • clarifying problems or issues
  • working effectively as part of a team.




AC answered correctly and sufficiently:   
a) There is a summary ways in which the student is respectful and inclusive when contributing views.  There is a discussion of how this could be enhanced in future.
b) There is a practical example of clarifying problems. There are good practical thoughts on how this could be improved in future.
c) There is a description of how the student works effectively as part of a team. There is also discussion of how this could be improved in future.

Developmental comment:
The answer should be proofread, some language is not to a professional standard, e.g.

  • To further beautify my conduct
  • however additionally strengthened the fee of help and cooperation
  • those suffering with particular responsibilities.


AC2.2 Recommend ways in which you can show inquisitiveness about issues and developments in the people profession and the wider world of work.



AC answered correctly and sufficiently:   
There is a discussion of the importance of keeping up to date with the latest developments in people practice.
Two methods for keeping up to date with developments are discussed.

Developmental comment:
A reference would enhance this answer.

TASK 2 – Professional Development
(750 to 800 words).


AC2.3 Demonstrate proactive approaches to developing, recording, and reflecting on your professional knowledge, skills and experiences.



Description of 3 CPD activities:
Three good examples are shared. There is good variety in the examples. A training course, networking and learning on the job/through a project.
The language is quite poor. 

Impact on own work and behaviours:
Examples are shared which demonstrate the impact of the activities on the students work, knowledge and skills.
Once again the language is poor and difficult to follow.







Summary feedback comments:
There is an obvious understanding of the topics. There is good application of the knowledge to real life situations.  There is good structure and a logical flow to answers. All aspects of questions are answered.  There is evidence of reading and research.

Developmental comment:
Two main areas for improvement are referencing and language.
In terms of referencing, please read the guidance provided.  Citations must be completed correctly within the text and references listed at the end of each essay.

For language, it is not of a professional standard. While it is possible to figure out the points made, it can be difficult as the language is often confusing. I would suggest seeking help from someone to proof read the essays to help with the clarity of the English used (not for the content).

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