Competition: While the craft beer scene is nascent, there are established microbreweries and pubs. How can your client differentiate themselves from existing competitors?

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Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) Mixed Mode
IBES –DBA (MM) -Marketing Management
Word Count: 4500 words

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Task - 1
Being a Marketing consultant, you are being approached by a group of passionate home brewers in Singapore. They have been brewing unique and flavorful craft beers for several years and have a loyal following at local farmers` markets. They are now considering opening their brewery pub. Your task is to assess the market potential for their concept in Singapore.

Here are some factors to consider in your analysis:

  • The Rise of Craft Beer: Singapore`s beer market is traditionally dominated by large international brands like Tiger Beer. However, there`s a growing interest in craft beers with distinct flavors and local ingredients. How can your client capitalize on this trend?
  • Competition: While the craft beer scene is nascent, there are established microbreweries and pubs. How can your client differentiate themselves from existing competitors?
  • Location: Singapore has a diverse population with varying preferences. Where would be the ideal location to set up their brewery pub to attract their target audience?
  • Government Regulations: Singapore has strict regulations on alcohol consumption and licensing for breweries and pubs. What are the potential challenges and costs associated with obtaining the necessary permits?
  • Tourist Appeal: Singapore is a major tourist destination. Can your client incorporate elements that cater to tourists while still maintaining a strong local identity?

Based on your analysis, present a recommendation to the brewers. As they move forward with opening their brewery pub, present your strategies for their launch and success in the market.

Task - 2
Case Study:
Duolingo and Beyond - Can AI Close the Language Learning Gap?

For millions globally, fluency in a second language remains an elusive dream. Traditional language learning methods often involve high costs, rigid schedules, and limited opportunities for personalized practice. Duolingo, a free and gamified mobile app, has seen explosive growth by making language learning accessible and engaging. However, some users find it lacks depth, while educators debate its effectiveness for achieving true fluency.

Enter "LinguaLearn," a new AI-powered language learning platform. LinguaLearn utilizes advanced natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to create a truly personalized learning experience. It tailors lessons to individual strengths and weaknesses, provides real-time feedback on pronunciation and grammar, and utilizes immersive simulations to enhance conversational skills. LinguaLearn boasts impressive early results in pilot programs, with users achieving higher proficiency levels in shorter timeframes compared to traditional methods. However, the platform requires a significant subscription fee, raising accessibility concerns.

1) Analyze various pricing strategies and the impact of AI-powered language learning platforms like LinguaLearn.
2) Elaborate on the various language learning AI tools in the market and position them based on the rating and customer feedback.
3) Prepare a summary of AI language learning tools and make a word cloud of AI language learning apps in the market.

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