Demonstrate a critical understanding on the nature and scope of leadership in organisations

BMO0273 Fundamentals of Leadership


Module Code:


Module Title:

Fundamentals of Leadership

Assessment Task(s)

Individual coursework

Assessment brief

Critically evaluate what it takes to be an effective leader with respect to one of the following topics:

-          Building relationships with employees

-          Motivating and inspiring employees

-          Supporting and developing employees

In your answer you must include leadership theory and draw on models, theory and research introduced in the module to support your arguments. This should be supported with your wider reading. This is an academic essay and therefore you should not select a particular leader or organisation on which to base your essay.  You may wish to provide examples to support your arguments.

Your essay should draw on material from across the module to demonstate your knowledge and understanding of Fundamentals of Leadership.

You are advised to:      

  • Avoid description of the content of material referred to – critical evaluation is required where specified.
  • Work should be referenced in APA 6th style.  The link below is to the library guidance on referencing and it is recommended you use these resources to ensure your references are in the correct format
  • Read widely from textbooks, journals and authoritative commentaries in forming your views. 
  • Pay close attention to the Assessment Criteria at the end of this document – this lists specific criteria to the requirements of this assignment.  These criteria will be used to inform your electronic feedback on your marked assignment.
  • Do not exceed the word limit. A 5% mark penalty applies for work exceeding the word limit.

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