Demonstrate relevant sample collection, handling and storage skills for alkalinity and dissolved inorganic carbon samples and an understanding of the complexity of pH measurement.

EOS5107 Marine and Freshwater Acidification

The CPD module in Marine and Freshwater Acidification will equip participants with relevant training in sampling, monitoring and analysis of natural waters. The programme will provide the technical competences to assess and manage acidification of marine, coastal, transitional, fresh, ground and drinking waters.

The programme will give opportunities to learn practical field and lab skills and acquire data analysis and reporting skills that are in line with training needs identified in the public and private sector.

This blended-learning module in acidification of marine and fresh waters provides training in sampling, surveying, data analysis, reporting, management and governance relevant to the environmental and water sectors will provide graduates with the competences to obtain or progress in employment in research, policy development, conservation or management of water resources and help Ireland meet its targets in relation to water monitoring and resource management under national and international requirements.

On completion of the module students should be able to:

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