DES11144 Research and Entrepreneurship Projects

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DES11144 Research & Entrepreneurship Projects 

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Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this module, you will be able to:
LO1: Effectively communicate critical knowledge of your chosen field and demonstrate understanding of your own professional practice.
LO2: Plan and respond to research and/or entrepreneurial opportunities in a creative professional context.
LO3: Generate and develop feasible conceptual solutions for continued entrepreneurial practice.
LO4: Effectively communicate creative concepts and outcomes to an external audience utilising appropriate visual and verbal presentation techniques.
LO5: Demonstrate significant autonomy and initiative whilst critically reflecting on your own creative practice.

Module Input
You will have specialist input from the following University services:
Bright Red Triangle (BRT) - a dedicated team providing entrepreneurial business support and guidance for those wanting to pursue a self-employed career. Enterprise Manager, Pete McLean will lead a Freelance Academy and overview in Week 2. 

Student Futures - a dedicated Career and Skills Development team offering academic skills and business advice, career mentoring, guidance support and online resources. Career Development Consultant, Louisa Henderson will provide dedicated sessions on Developing a Professional CV and an overview of Student Future services in Week 3, Developing your Professional Network and LinkedIn in Week 5, and How to Demonstrate your Strengths at Interviews in Week 9. Skills Development Consultant Dave Jarrold will give an overview on Build Your Skills: Insight Sessions and linked Training and Resources in Week 6.
Face-face tutorials and drop-in sessions are scheduled with Sarah and Tom. In addition, you will have the opportunity for one-one mentoring sessions with BRT and Student Futures. There will also be alerts to relevant events as they become available. Whilst these are not compulsory, please try and attend when possible. 

Module Work
This module gives you the opportunity to explore and understand your own professional practice and propel or launch your professional career and work towards personal goals (LO1). Whilst engaged with the module, you will be introduced to entrepreneurial skills and encouraged to consider entrepreneurial practice and starting your own professional practice (LO2). You may wish to advance an ongoing project, develop professional design services, explore a new project or opportunity, or answer an external project call for example (LO3).

However, the main focus is to produce an online presence. This should present you as a professional and successfully promote and communicate your work and skillset to an external audience in the most appropriate format (LO4). For example, this could be a website, a blog or Instagram or a combination of these, and might include public facing portfolio content. In addition, you are encouraged to have a LinkedIn profile and an online Curriculum Vitae (CV). You will need to build up a critical understanding of your field and demonstrate how your professional practice sits within this; for example, understanding your competitors, established professionals, and your audience (LO1). Benchmarking good, online examples will be essential.
This should be accompanied by a recorded 3–5-minute Screen Capture Presentation.

You should clearly demonstrate autonomy, initiative, and the ability to independently explore new resources. You will need to be proactive in developing clear goals for your personal development and practice going forward to help you navigate and work strategically through the module (LO5). This might include preparing for a job, a proposal for a PhD, working as a freelance designer or advancing existing employment opportunities. Learning on the module will also be demonstrated through a written reflective report where you will critically analyse and appraise your own work, in the context of existing professional practice within the field.
Your submission is expected to represent 200 hours of independent study.


Submission Format



Week Due






1-page PDF to your online presence link or links.
A fully appropriate online content.
A 3–5-minute screen capture presentation detailing your online presence.






2500 words (+/- 10%)



You are required to create an enticing and professional online presence.
You should submit a promotional 1-page PDF containing a live link or links to your choice of platform and an indication of your online content. Your content should be appropriate to your target audience and focus. The work should specifically address LO1, LO4 and LO5

The format of this is up to you depending on your practice, ambition and intended audience focus. Your online content should include information about you, your work, and your skills. For example, a ‘Home’ or ‘About’ page on a website together with a selection of projects as a ‘Project Portfolio’, and a ‘Contacts` page. Written explanations should be clear and professionally covey your content. You should include at least one, 2–3-minute video clip or showreel. Think imaginatively about how you might depict your design process, methods, subject or topic.
You should also present a screen capture presentation detailing your online presence. This should be a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 minutes and must include a voice over description of the work in line with the learning outcomes.

Alongside your online portfolio, you will submit an evaluation report of 2500 words (+/- 10%). This is a separate document and should clearly analyse the strengths and focus of your portfolio, the initiatives you took and any newly acquired skills that helped you navigate personal development goals to advance the work. Please use Harvard referencing where appropriate. You should aim to highlight: 

i) Strengths in your online communication, knowledge of the field, understanding of your own professional practice.
ii) Opportunities and resources you’ve explored and utilised.
iii) Solutions for continued research and/or entrepreneurial practice
iv) Effective presentation techniques for online communication of creative concepts and outcomes.
v) Autonomy, initiative, and critical reflection of your own creative practice.

Ensure that both your portfolio and report meet the module learning outcomes. For example, LO1 can be demonstrated in twofold by presenting clearly executed projects appropriate to your chosen field with clearly written explanations that demonstrate your critical understanding of your own professional practice in context. LO2 can be demonstrated by extended project work in response to a new entrepreneurial opportunity. LO3 can be demonstrated by adapting a new skillset focussing on Creative Problem Solving as part of available online resources. LO4 can be demonstrated in twofold by imaginatively presenting concept ideas and methodologies and explaining this verbally using a blog format. LO5 can be demonstrated again, in twofold by critically reflecting on how you managed to initiate a successful project pitch to advance your own creative practice.


Portfolio 50%
The Portfolio will be marked using the following criteria:

  • Communication (20%): clear understanding of your external audience, effectiveness of creative concepts, outcomes, and written text.
  • Execution (20%): level of professionalism and overall presentation using appropriate visual and verbal techniques.
  • Autonomy (10%): level of creative initiative, focussed and effective planning. 

Report 50%
The Report will be marked using the following criteria:

  • Reflection (25%): critical analysis and reflection of your own practice, ability to research and/or entrepreneurial practice. Reflection will also consider your discussion of your online presence and creative outcomes and their appropriateness to represent you as a professional.
  • Knowledge (15%): critical understanding of your chosen field and your own professional practice.
  • Clarity (10%): structural coherence and written communication.

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