Developing Self & Others CSE4034-N

Developing Self & Others CSE4034-N

Assessment brief

ECA (100%)

A 3,000 word professional portfolio made up of weekly reflective statements based on peer reviews and self-assessment activities.

This assessment will meet all of the module learning outcomes.

Assessment structure:

1.      Introduction:

A brief introduction to your portfolio explaining the goals of your development on this module and course. Briefly explain the reflective model you intend to use.

2.      Reflective ‘Blogs’ (five in total)

A record of your weekly learning from each lecture and seminar written in the style of a reflective process. Each ‘Blog’ should include reference to theory and how it applies to your learning, development and future actions.

There will be 5 Blogs each of which correspond to the lecture sessions on the module.

3.      Summary

A brief summary of your learning and the presentation of a detailed learning contract for future actions and developments.

4.      References

Please make sure all references are Harvard style

Please make sure all theories and academic content is referenced correctly

5.      Appendices

Inclusion of all questionnaires, audits, evidence of reflection and similar.

These should be used as evidence to support the discussion of learning throughout the portfolio.

 Before completing and submitting this assessment please ensure you have understood the marking criteria and the demands of this assessment

Please make sure you demonstrate an appropriate reflective process and apply academic content to your real world experiences.

Please ensure you demonstrate a suitable approach to writing a learning contract and action plan.



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