ECO4010-N Global Business Environment: Culture, Management and the Economy

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ECO4010-N Global Business Environment:
Culture, Management and the Economy

Level 7
End-Course Assessment
Word Limit: 3,000 words

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Students will prepare an individual report relating to two countries, a developed and developing country of their choice.

Report Brief
An organisation based in a developed country has decided to expand its operation into a developing country market (case countries to be chosen by the student). As an analyst, you have been asked to prepare a report explaining the cross-cultural and global economic issues that will impact the organisation`s proposed strategic move.
Your report needs to address the following questions:

Part one – Culture

  1. Globalisation and culture,
  2. Culture and communication
  3. Cultural differences
  4. Managing people in the International Business Environment
  5. Managing Cross-cultural negotiation
  6. Culture and conflict

(50 marks)

Part two – Global Economics

  1. Globalisation and the world economy
  2. International trade, long-run economic growth, development, productivity, technology and institutions
  3. The macroeconomic environment and policy
  4. Exchange rate and competiveness
  5. Business and social responsibility
  6. The new economy: knowledge, technology and network effects

(50 marks)

Important Instructions:
Word limit: 3,000 words (+ or – 10%). The reference section at the end of the report, content pages, tables and diagrams, and executive Summary are not counted towards the word count.

The importance of accurate referencing within your assignments and reports cannot be overstated!

Why do I Reference?
Whether directly quoted or referred to, all sources you have used in your work must be referenced. It is the correct academic practice to recognise the contributions of others in this way, and it reduces the risk of plagiarism.

When do I reference it?
References must be given in the text of your piece of work whenever you use external evidence and information, such as:

  • Direct quotes from a book or journal article
  • Using someone`s ideas
  • An author is mentioned in the piece of work

Figures, graphs or other data are used
The system of referencing that the school adopts is the Harvard referencing system because it is the quickest, easiest, and most user-friendly system available. The Harvard system consists of two simple elements:

  • A very short reference in the text
  • A full reference in a separate list at the end of the piece of work. The reference list should be in alphabetical order according to the surname of the author. It should read as one entire list (journal, books, chapters, newspapers, websites etc.)

Full details of the correct way to reference can be found at referencing Guide at the University Library site:

  • Required contents of the report
  • Cover Page/Title Page
  • Module Title
  • Student ID Number
  • Title of Case Study Report

Word Count
Date (I suggest that you upload your finished report well in advance of the deadline: this allows you to make sure you know how to upload your work and also review the feedback reports provided by Turnitin)

Content Page

  • Index of where each section can be found: allows the reader to flick through pages to relevant sections of the report quickly
  • Executive Summary (approximately 200-300 words, not included in the word count)
  • Outline the purpose of the study
  • Outline the issues and findings of the study (without the specific details)
  • Identify the theories that will be used (the reader should be able to form a clear mental picture of the actual contents of the study).

Findings and Discussion (approximately 2600-2700 words)

  • The section is used for addressing the four main questions
  • You may want to present your discussion according to the orders of these questions

Conclusion and Recommendations (approximately 300-400 words)

  • Summarise the main points from the findings and discussion
  • Choose which of the alternative solutions should be adopted
  • Briefly justify your choice explaining how it will solve the major problem(s)
  • This should be written in a forceful style as this section is intended to be persuasive


  • Make sure all references are cited correctly via using Harvard style
  • Appendices (if any, only when it is necessary)

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