Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights and Robert Louis Stevenson’s ‘The Beach of Falesá’ are nineteenth-century literary works that draw on the Victorian realist tradition

TMA Tutor Marked Assignment—2nd Semester


A230B: Reading and Studying Literature II

 Important guidelines:Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights and Robert Louis Stevenson’s ‘The Beach of Falesá’ are nineteenth-century literary works that draw on the Victorian realist tradition yet deviate from it in several important ways. Discuss some elements in the two works that deviate from literary realism and what might they tell us about the hybrid nature of both works. Support your argument by providing specific examples from the works. Make sure you use and cite your sources properly.

 This TMA will be graded out of 20 marks.

  1. The word count should range 1200-1300 words.
  2. Use E-library to research academic sources for your essay. You are required to use, at least, three academic sources.
  3. Divide your essay into well-structured and well developed body paragraphs. Revise the final draft before submitting it to avoid typos and grammatical mistakes.
  4. Use the Harvard style of documentation.
  5. Use the TMA cover-page above and fill it out with your student ID details.

 Marking Descriptor









Excellent answers showing confident and wide-ranging knowledge of core material, good understanding of any relevant theory, and a capacity to address the question in a structured, direct and effective way, thoughtfully and with insight. Originality of thought or ideas from outside the course are an added asset. Examples are to the point.

- Has an introduction defining the plan of essay.

- Body divided into several paragraphs

- Conclusion which directly relates arguments to topic.

- Evidence that essay has been edited.

- Error-free grammar & register.

- Wide range of specialized terminology.

- Consistent in-text citation and form of referencing

B to B+




Very good answers showing secure knowledge of course materials. Adopting an analytical approach and providing relevant discussion covering most of the key issues. Distinguished from A answers by being less insightful or by showing less comprehensive knowledge of the course.

 - First four criteria above maintained

- Demonstrates extensive grammar control.

- Terminology specialized but   less varied.

- Minor Inconsistency in in-text citation and referencing

C to C+




Competent answers reflecting adequate knowledge of the more directly relevant course material and concepts, with reasonable structure and adequate coherence related to the question set.

- Introduction and/or conclusion short but still satisfactory.

- Evidence of editing.

- Less grammar control than above.

- Good range of specialized terminology.

- Inconsistent in in-text citation and referencing








Answers which omit some concepts /evidence and/or lack coherence /structure, and/or make minor errors while still demonstrating basic understanding. Or Bare pass answers which show awareness of some relevant material and attempt to relate it to the question.

- Introduction and/or conclusion short but acceptable.

- no evidence of editing.

- Few grammatical errors that impede communication.

- Above average range of specialized terminology.

- Slightly confused introduction and/or conclusion, but body still fair.

- No evidence of editing.

- Some error types that impede communication.

- Fair range of specialized terminology.

- Inaccurate in-text citation and referencing




Answers which attempt to draw upon relevant material but do not reflect sufficient knowledge of the course and/or neglect the focus required by the question, and/or are incomplete in some important aspects whilst being acceptable in others.

- No introduction and /or no conclusion.

- Body badly organized or irrelevant.

- Poor grammar control (extremely limited range of grammar & register).

- Limited or not specialized range of terminology.

- No in-text citations and no referencing




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