Evaluate sources of evidence which will support the research questions or focus for the capstone project.

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Word length: 3000
Task: A literature review to critically evaluate real time problems or issues found across health and social care industry.

Specific Guidance on the Assignment

  • You will construct a research question for a project in health, wellbeing and social care and propose a rationale, outlining the current gap in the literature that your question aims to fill.
  • The proposal will also include an appraisal of different methodologies and the evaluation of sources of evidence that support the research question.
  • You will outline the potential implications for practice that your research will support.
  • In your assignment you MUST support your work with appropriate references
  • You are NOT required to collect any data for this module
  • The aim of the proposal is for you to demonstrate that you are aware of the current state of knowledge around your topics are and that you understand the key methodologies used previously


  1. Construct a research question or focus for a project relevant to Health and Social Care
  2. Appraise different methodologies used to generate evidence basis.
  3. Evaluate sources of evidence which will support the research questions or focus for the capstone project.

Suggested Framework to present 3000 words

The title of your assignment will be the research question that you are proposing to answer.
You can write the question based upon any topic that is relevant to your current/future practice

Rationale for doing the project (1500 words)
What is the nature and extent of the problem/issue?
Evaluate sources of evidence that support the research question and make the angle of your research clear
Give a rationale for doing the study – how will it inform practice and benefit stakeholders

Justification for the chosen methodology (750 words)
Evaluate the methodology of previous studies that have been conducted in this area of research
Justify your choice of doing a literature review by appraising its strengths and weaknesses

Method (1000 words)
Outline the ways in which you are going to search, select, extract, assess and synthesise the data

Gantt chart (250 words)
Provide a study timetable that shows the research question can be answered in the time you have available.

Please check that you have used the Harvard system and make sure that all references in the main body of your work are in the list at the end of your essay and vice versa.

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