Explain different features of administrative systems within those different types and sizes of organisations.

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Information System Management 

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Assignment Brief:
You have recently started a role in a Business Administration function in an organisation and you are required to gain some underpinning knowledge into the administrative systems that exist within organisations.
As part of your role you will carry out research on the various types of organisations and administrative systems that exist within a business, including how information can be managed and the use of ICT within the organisation.

Moving on you will continue your research on examining systems thinking and its impact on administrative performance. You will also look at the role of policy and procedure in relation to meeting customer requirements. 
You are required to select an organisation you are familiar with or you want to research on or you are working with. (This needs to be approved by your tutor)
You are required to write an assignment on Task 1, 2 and 3. 

Task 1
In this section, you will gain an understanding into administrative systems and how they support business. Take your selected organisation as a case study.

To help you do this you could consider the different departments that exist within various organisations and think about the administrative functions that support them, and their purpose.

  • Explain how different types of organisations that you have discussed, manage the flow of information between departments and users. What methods do they use to transfer, store and manage information?
  • To conclude this section, you are required to evaluate the role of ICT in supporting the administrative functions of the various organisation types that you have discussed. (LO 1- AC 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3)

Task 2
In this section, you will gain an understanding of how systems thinking affect the administrative performance of organisations

Task 3
In this final section, you will develop an understanding of the role of policies and procedures in an organisation, in meeting customer requirements.

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