Identify research requirements to begin to solve a business/marketing problem in a company.


Module code and title:

Marketing & Communications in a Digital World

Module leader:


Assignment No. and type:

Report 2,500 of which presentation notes should be included

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Target feedback time and date:

3 weeks from the date of final submission

Assignment task

The assignment will be a report and presentation that allows you to demonstrate your knowledge on the challenges and functions faced by businesses when relaunching a product. You will be required to prepare an individual product “pitch” presentation including slides and script with supporting marketing research  and analysis.


This assignment has been designed to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your achievement of the following module learning outcomes:

LO 1

Analyse the effectiveness of the marketing mix for any given company or brand.

LO 2

Identify research requirements to begin to solve a business/marketing problem in a company.

LO 3

Plan, implement and critique a programme of marketing research.


Analyse the effectiveness of marketing planning within a commercial business


Task requirements


Marketing and communication are key elements of every organisations activity, its importance is also growing in the non-commercial, public and voluntary sectors, the heart of marketing are the customers.   As a marketing specialist you have been appointed by the product manager, you are to oversee and to plan and relaunch a product into the market. You have been given a choice of two product the Nokia 3310 and Coca Cola.



For the presentation and report you must choose either the Nokia 3310 or the Coca Cola drink. Both products are no longer on the market for many reasons, but both companies feel like now is the right time to relaunch.

Nokia 3310

After 17 years Nokia has decided to relaunch the Nokia 3310, Nokia first launched the phone in the year 2000, and is looking to relaunch on the 26th of February 2021, its yet to be decided if the phone will feature some new functionality.

Coca Cola

On May the 8th 1886 the first bottle of Coca Cola was launched, after 99 year in April 1985.

Iconic drink “New Coca Cola was launched which was only on the shelves for 79 days. The relaunch is to be brought back in honour of Netflix series Stranger things.

Report Tasks (1500 Words)

1)    Explain all seven sections of the marketing mix for when your chosen product first launched. The analysis should include identification of the positive and negative effects of all seven segments of the marketing mix.

2)      As part of the relaunch, you will first need to carry out market research. You will need to identify. which methods of market research you will use and why they are suitable for the company and product you have chosen.

3)    Create a detailed marketing research plan and carry out the research, this should include the variety of methods that you have discussed in your report previously (section 2). Upon completion of the research discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the research and its findings in relation to the product relaunch.

Presentation Tasks (1000 Words)

1)    Produce a presentation with images and a full worded script that ‘pitches’ the planned product relaunch to the chosen company executives.  The pitch should include all the following:

a)    An overview of the effectiveness of the elements of the relaunch marketing mix.

b)    An identification of the projected success of the product based on the market research.

c)    A detailed explanation of how an effective marketing campaign can help lead to commercial success.

You must reference all information used in the report, and presentation materials using the Harvard Referencing Guide.

See attached grid for grade descriptors.

This assignment should be submitted electronically via Moodle (module tutors will discuss this process with you during class time).

  • Please ensure that your work has been saved in an appropriate file format (Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint, or PDF are the most widely used; Google Docs is also accepted). Your file must also contain at least 20 words of text, consist of fewer than 400 pages and be less than 40MB in size.
  • You can submit your work as many times as you like before the submission date. If you do submit your work more than once, your earlier submission will be replaced by the most recent version.
  • Once you have submitted your work, you will receive a digital receipt as proof of submission, which will be sent to your forwarded e-mail address (provided you have set this up). Please keep this receipt for future reference, along with the original electronic copy of your assignment
  • You are reminded of the University’s regulations on academic misconduct, which can be viewed on the University website: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- In submitting your assignment, you are acknowledging that you have read and understood these regulations

General Grading Criteria


Assessment category

Pass mark, demonstrating achievement of all associated learning outcomes

Marginal fail


1st: 70% – 100%

2:1: 60% – 69%

2:2: 50% – 59%

3rd: 40% – 49%

35% – 39%

20% – 34%

< 20%


High quality work showing detailed understanding of the                 basic

underlying concepts                          and principles   of   the subject(s).

Work       of                solid quality                showing competent                and consistent understanding                of the                   basic

underlying concepts                           and principles   of   the subject(s)

Adequate                         work showing understanding                         of the                         basic

underlying concepts                          and principles   of   the subject(s),                          but lacking  depth  and breadth.

Simple                      factual approach  showing limited understanding                      of the                                       basic

underlying concepts                and principles   of   the subject(s).  Narrow or                misguided selection                  of

material, with elements  missing or inaccurate.

Weak                          work

showing                      limited, fragmentary understanding                      of the                                      basic

underlying concepts                         and principles   of   the subject(s).                         Work characterised                          by inaccuracies, irrelevant   material and/or  absence  of appropriate information.

Unsatisfactory work                   showing weak  and  flawed understanding                   of the                                basic

underlying concepts                           and principles   of   the subject(s),                  for example                 through serious inaccuracies, inclusion                      of                  a significant  amount of                 irrelevant

Highly unsatisfactory work                showing major     gaps                in understanding    of the                     basic

underlying concepts                           and principles   of   the subject(s).

Inclusion of largely irrelevant material, absence                                      of appropriate information                           and

Knowledge and understanding of    the       basic underlying concepts         and principles   of the subject(s)



Assessment category

Pass mark, demonstrating achievement of all associated learning outcomes

Marginal fail


1st: 70% – 100%

2:1: 60% – 69%

2:2: 50% – 59%

3rd: 40% – 49%

35% – 39%

20% – 34%

< 20%







material                      and/or

absence                           of appropriate information.

significant inaccuracies.

Cognitive                   and intellectual skills

Excellent presentation, interpretation    and evaluation                             of

concepts                      or evidence, facilitating  a  highly logical,                  coherent

and                  balanced development                  of

judgements                          or arguments. Strong awareness of other stances.

Good presentation, interpretation and evaluation                   of

concepts                  or evidence, facilitating a          logical          and coherent development           of

judgements                     or

arguments                that shows awareness of other stances.

Adequate presentation, interpretation                      and evaluation                           of

concepts                      or evidence, facilitating a largely logical  and coherent development                      of

judgements                        or

arguments.                  An emerging awareness of other stances.

A limited use of concepts or evidence to support emerging judgements                    or arguments, although not always logical or coherent and with inaccuracies.

Largely descriptive work, with limited effort made to use concepts or evidence to             develop

judgements                          or arguments.

Information accepted  uncritically,                          with unsubstantiated opinions evident.

Descriptive work with no effort made to use concepts or evidence to develop judgements                         or arguments. Views expressed are often illogical, invalid or irrelevant. Minimal or no use of evidence to back up views.

Work      is     largely irrelevant              or inaccurate, characterised                     by descriptive text and unsubstantiated generalisations.

Complete lack of evidence to back up views.

Application                     of theory                                to

practice                   (for courses with a professional practice element)

Excellent application                                of theory  to  practice, with    the    student making                       highly appropriate, developed                              and

Sound application of theory to practice, with the student making appropriate, well-developed and articulated links between the two.

Consistent                 and accurate application of theory to practice, with the student making appropriate links between the two.

Relevant  theoretical knowledge                       and understanding applied  in  practice, but    with    students not   always   making

Limited understanding of the application of theory to practice, with the student    often    not making   appropriate

Weak understanding                       of the   application   of theory  to  practice, with only occasional evidence     of                   the student                          making

Very                 weak

theoretical knowledge         and understanding, with no      evidence      of appropriate



Assessment category

Pass mark, demonstrating achievement of all associated learning outcomes

Marginal fail


1st: 70% – 100%

2:1: 60% – 69%

2:2: 50% – 59%

3rd: 40% – 49%

35% – 39%

20% – 34%

< 20%


articulated                          links between the two.



logical links between the two.

links   between   the two.

appropriate       links between the two.

application            in practice.

Reading                   and referencing

Critical  engagement with a wide range of relevant                        reading, including   research- informed   literature where                   relevant. Consistently accurate application of referencing.

Engagement with a wide range of relevant reading. Sound application of referencing, with no inaccuracies                      or inconsistencies.

Engagement with an appropriate range of reading                beyond

essential                     texts.

Referencing        may

show                  minor inaccuracies                              or inconsistencies.

Evidence of reading, largely   confined   to essential   texts,   but mainly    reliant    on taught                elements. Referencing        may show      inaccuracies and/or inconsistencies.

Poor engagement with essential texts and no evidence of wider       reading. Heavily reliant on taught elements. Inconsistent         and

weak use of referencing.

Limited evidence of reading          and/or

reliance                on inappropriate sources.                     Limited engagement                      with taught                 elements. Very   poor   use   of referencing.

No evidence of reading                 or

engagement with taught elements. Absent                  or

incoherent referencing.

Presentation, style                   and structure *

Highly                   effective presentation                   of

work        that                    is coherently structured                and clearly                expressed throughout.

Competent presentation of work in terms of structure and        clarity              of expression.

Work is structured in a largely coherent manner and is for the most part clearly expressed.

Ordered presentation          in which relevant ideas

/      concepts       are reasonably expressed.

Work is loosely, and at           times

incoherently, structured,          with

information and ideas often poorly expressed.

Work      is     poorly presented      in      a disjointed          and incoherent  manner. Information       and ideas      are       very poorly      expressed, with   weak   English and/or inappropriate style.

Work   is   extremely disorganised,     with much of the content confusingly expressed.        Very poor English and/or very    inappropriate style.

* Work that significantly exceeds the specified word limit may be penalised.

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