Identify the role of IT in the success or failure of your chosen organisation

Assignment Brief


 Assessment: Individual Report (2000 - 3000 words)


Information technology (IT), its applications and services to businesses in the business world are an essential requirement to survive and succeed. IT has an important role in all walks of life. IT increases productivity of a company with efficiency of saving effort, time and money.


Select an organisation in the retail sector, for example super markets and conduct desk and/or Internet research on the organisation, together with an analysis of relevant academic books and journals to:

  • identify the role of IT in the success or failure of your chosen organisation,
  • find ethical and social issues that pertain to running businesses,
  • identify and differentiate between different types of networking technologies.
  • discuss the importance of social media in your business
  • list and explain the different stage of system development life cycle. Please note this may not be revenant to the selected business, however, you must provide a generic answer.

Support your analysis with a discussion of the potential benefits and drawbacks of your chosen company investing in Information Technology.

This assessment addresses:

LO1 - Understand and use frequently used Computing terminologies

LO2 - Understand ethical and social issues associated with Technology

LO3 - Differentiate between types of networks

LO4 - Appreciate the growth in ICT and use of the Internet and its effects on business

LO5 - Understand the role of Information Technology in Management

LO6 - Understand the different stages of systems development

Further points:

  • It is expected that you use current peer-reviewed journals and articles to ensure that you have an in-depth understanding of your topic particularly for the Literature Review.
  • There must be sufficient linkage between theory and practice.
  • Harvard style of references should be used.


Ensure that the report has the following structure and contains the details outlined:

  • Title Page
  • Abstract
  • Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Analysis and discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Reference List


Length Required

2000 – 3000 words. 

Formatting and Report


Please note the following when completing your written assignment:

  1. 1.      Writing: Written in English in an appropriate business/academic style
  2. Focus: Focus only on the tasks set in the assignment.
  3. Length: 2000 - 3000 words.
  4. Formatting: Typed in Times New Roman or Garamond font 12 and pages numbered.
  5. Document format: Report
  6. Ensure a clear title, course, and Student ID number is on a cover sheet and a references list using Harvard referencing style throughout is also provided.


Research: Research should use reliable and relevant sources of information e.g. academic books and journals that have been peer reviewed. At least SIX references must be provided.



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