Introduction to Heritage & Culture (HSR120)

Introduction to Heritage & Culture (HSR120)

This is an interdisciplinary course which integrates various ideas or themes from a variety of disciplines such as literature (Arabic and English), philosophy, history, art history, archeology, geography and cultural anthropology. The majority of materials and assignments will focus upon critical reading, reviews and discussions, thematic or chronological progressions. The course content will reflect upon unique and varied perspectives from a variety of sources such as Mediterranean, Middle Eastern/Arabic and Gulf regions and the importance and role that history and culture serves in fostering and understanding scholarly endeavors by previous generations and cultures. The focus will be primarily upon reading and writing skills, critical thinking, analytical criticism and group projects and research.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, students will be able to :

  1. Be aware of aesthetic principles in Heritage and Culture
  2. Demonstrate ability to analyze cultures and heritage of art both contemporary and historical
  3. Recognize and execute the formal elements and principles of Heritage and Culture
  4. Develop works that demonstrate also personal expression
  5. Broaden the space of Cultural investigation through the knowledge of different Cultures and Heritages



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