LO1 Evaluate the concept of entrepreneurship underpinned by current academic theory, concepts and models.



Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Unit Code




UCA Epsom


Level 7

Duration (number of weeks)

5 Weeks

Course(s) to which this unit contributes

International MBA

MA Creative Business Management



Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity have become the hallmarks to contemporary business organisations both small and large in the globalised business environment. Successful business ventures are born out creativity and innovation and the continued survival of corporate organisations is dependent on their ability to be creative and innovative while promoting a culture of corporate entrepreneurism referred to as Intrapreneurship. Latest research suggests that most graduates in creative industries are often pursuing a self-employment and/or an entrepreneurial journey. As such, it is important for you to develop knowledge and understanding at the Certificate stage of entrepreneurship,  and developing enterprising skills and capabilities. 

Throughout the unit, emphasis is made on the global nature of today’s businesses driven by technology and tests your ability to develop analytical skills, application of knowledge, develop transferable skills and supports your employability skills 

You will explore further the relationships between creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. You will also have opportunities to develop an understanding of how opportunities are identified, and how they are made feasible by implementing a business plan to make it viable and realised in professional creative practice.

Indicative Content

  • Entrepreneurship and technological innovation
  • Innovation management
  • The creative process and using creativity as a tool to innovate
  • Creative thinking and creative decision-making process
  • The opportunity and the entrepreneur
    • Developing new products in new venture
    • Marketing’s role in NPD
    • Managing the development of new products


The aims of this unit are:

A1      To enable you to demonstrate an understanding of concepts, principles and foundations of entrepreneurship and innovation

A2      To allow you to further develop skills in using a range of approaches to critically review and consolidate knowledge skills, practice needed for an entrepreneur

A3      To allow you to explore further how new ventures are created and sustained

A4      To give you the ability to develop innovative and creative business ideas through a detailed interpretation and analysis


On satisfactory completion of the unit you will be able to:

LO1    Evaluate the concept of entrepreneurship underpinned by current academic theory, concepts and models.

LO2    Differentiate between the concepts of creativity and innovation.

LO3    Explore business opportunities based on the micro and macro environment.

LO4    Demonstrate ability to structure an analytical entrepreneurship report and present in a formal persuasive and coherent manner with arguments that demonstrates academic rigour.


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