LO1: Understand how the organisation is structured, governed and managed

Topic: International Business Management - Business Environment

Assessed Learning Outcomes:

L01: Understand how the organisation is structured, governed and managed

L02: Appreciate the key external environmental constraints on a business


You are required to produce a 2,500-word report that looks to satisfy three tasks.


“Organisations cannot be seen as independent of their environment. The environment is the source of all resources that an organization requires to create value and is where the customers who are willing to pay for the organisation’s products or services are found. It is therefore essential for an organisation to stay in tune with and adapt its strategy to its environment. A common tool for assessing the macro environment is the PESTEL analysis. PESTEL is an acronym that stands for political, economic, socio-cultural, technological, (physical) environmental, and legal factors. The main aim of the PESTEL analysis is to identify developments within these six dimensions that represent current (or future) opportunities for or threats to the organisation” (Sternad, 2020).


Choose one company from the following list:

Task 1

Examine how your chosen company is governed and structured. (30 marks)

Task 2

Evaluate the importance of carrying out PESTEL analysis for an organisation (20 marks)

Task 3

Use the PESTEL framework to analyse the external environment of your chosen company. (40 marks)

NOTE: Presentation, referencing and grammar. (10 marks)

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