LO3 Explore quality improvement requirements in a care setting

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Unit/Title: 23 Managing Quality in Care Environments 

Assignment Title: Planning and monitoring improvements to quality service in a healthcare setting

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Unit Learning Outcomes:
LO1 Assess the impact legislation and policy has on measuring and monitoring quality of practice in health and social care
LO2 Discuss the impact that improving quality has on different individuals in a care setting
LO3 Explore quality improvement requirements in a care setting
LO4 Plan and monitor improvements to quality

Assignment Brief and Guidance

“Healthcare as a sector has been late in recognising the contribution that the theory and practice of quality improvement is able to make to delivering better value care’’(The King’s Fund, 2016).
Your responsibility as a manager in Health & Social Care (H&SC) settings is to make sure that the quality of your organisation is not only sustained but, you must also strive constantly to improve and deliver safe health care services that promote patients` rights, and provides very good services.
In this assignment, there are opportunities for you to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the legal and statutory expectations of maintaining quality, as well as,illustrating your capabilities on planning, implementation and monitoring a quality improvement projects.

Activity 1: Essay
In this essay section; critically assess and evaluate the use of theories, models and standards relating to quality in your healthcare setting workplace, in relation to the needs of the service users, and to reflect legislative and statutory requirements.
Further, this essay section must also critically assess the impact of recognised quality standards on the provision of services in your own health and social care setting. Your assessment will consider the actual impact of a set of quality standards over a defined period, on the systems and working practices related to quality improvement in your setting.

Furthermore, in this essay section, you must review quality improvement measures indicatedin your setting and how these meet the needs of both internal and external stakeholders. Again, you must evaluate the involvement of the service users, their families, the staff, and the wider community in the development, implementation, and review of quality improvement measures in your setting, and thesemust include a review on the impact of meeting their needs of service users when working to improve the quality of service provision. Also, as part of your review, you will discuss the importance of promoting diversity, inclusive practice and safeguarding for quality improvement in a care setting.

Activity 2: Report
In this ‘report section’, you will have to carry out a review to confirm the current standard of quality in your work setting in relation to; one aspect of working practices, and plan, implement, and review a quality improvement initiative of your choice.
By means ofevidence-based methods, you are expected to review the information gathered, then identify one aspect of improvement required, and state reason/s for your choice. A summary of the evidence from Activity 1 may also be included.
It is expected that the evidence gathered will then be evaluated, and to be shared withboth internal and external stakeholders. Justification of how the selected improvement procedures will positively impact on working practices and service users’ experience of the service, must also be highlighted.

Moving further with your research and referring to SMART goals, you are to produce a detailed plan for a quality improvement initiative, where you will have to detail the stages required to improve the quality of the chosen aspect. You are expected to then implement at least one aspect of the improvement initiative, and critically review its progress against the set targets. Also, you are expected to summarise the potential or actual barriers and benefits of implementing the quality improvement project to the H&SC setting and to the service users accessing it.
When the project is completed, you are to produce a review of the effectiveness of the plan and give reasons for any changes you made to it based on feedback or observations. Also,you will evaluate the expected outcomes of your planned improvement and consider further changes or improvements you may have identified when discussing your outcomes.
In the appendices section of your report, you will need to include evidence of the project being completed, copies of questionnaires/surveys, interview questions, a reviewed and amended SMART plan, feedback forms and copies of observations carried out, where applicable.

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