LO3.Critically examine the role of revenue/yield management strategies within hospitality operations.


PROGRAMME TITLE: BA (Hons) Hospitality Management (Final Year Top-Up)
MODULE TITLE: Hospitality Operations
ASSESSMENT TYPE: Group presentation (PowerPoint slides)
ASSESSMENT TITLE: Hospitality Operations

Learning Outcomes Covered:
LO1. Critically evaluate the functions and services provided by the Rooms Division, facilities and security departments in a range of hospitality businesses.
LO2. Determine the key operational issues affecting the performance of front office and housekeeping areas of any hospitality business.
LO3.Critically examine the role of revenue/yield management strategies within hospitality operations.

Assessment Aim

This assessment covers learning outcomes 1, 2 and 3. A group presentation will be used to test your knowledge and ability about Rooms Division operations, key Rooms Division (Front Office & Housekeeping) issues and yield management practices and strategies for your selected organisation.

Presentation Topic

You and your group (up-to 6 members, maximum) will select any of the following Hospitality related organisation, also the selected organisation need to be agreed by the module leader. Then deliver the answer to the following questions in a presentation through 20 (maximum) PowerPoint slides. -Hotels, resorts, bed & breakfast (B&B) establishments -Leisure, recreation and entertainment venues -Restaurants, bars, clubs and cafes..

All the answers should be in PowerPoints
slides (20 slides maximum)

You must answer all the questions in your group presentation:

1. Demonstrate your knowledge & Understanding about the key sub departments of Rooms Division. (Describe only one department: Front Office or Housekeeping).
     Front office sub departments: Reception, Reservation, Guest Relations, Bell Desk, Concierge.
     Housekeeping sub departments: Guest Room cleanliness, Public area cleanliness, Laundry, Linen, Lost & Found. (LO 1) - (25 marks)

2.  Critically describe roles and responsibilities of two Rooms Division positions (one from the Front Office and another one from the Housekeeping department) within your chosen organisation.
     Front office Positions: Front Office Manager, Reservations Manager, Guest Services Manager, Front Office Supervisor, Reservation                                                       Supervisor and Concierge.
     Housekeeping Positions: Executive Housekeeper, Laundry Manager, Floor Supervisor, Public Area Supervisor and Room Attendant.                                                           (LO 1) - (25 marks)

3.  Analyse Linen operations (Types of linen, Par level and control of linens) from the Housekeeping department within in your chosen organisation. (LO 2) - (25 marks)

4. Critically analyse the Yield Management/Revenue Management, including elements of Yield Management. What are the high demand tactics of yield Management that Revenue Manager can apply within the hotel to increase theOccupancy and Average Daily Room rate (ADR)? (LO 3) - (25 marks)


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