QU030597 Research and Creative Development for Media Studies

QU030597 Research and Creative Development for Media Studies

Access to HE Diploma Unit


Research and Creative Development for Media Studies

Unit Code:


Unit Level:

Level 3

Unit Credit:


Grading type:



Grade Descriptors:

  • GD3-Application of skills
  • GD4-Use of information
  • GD7-Quality

Academic subject content/other:

Academic Subject Content

Suggested Assessment details:

Refer to Assessment Grid

This unit has 5 learning outcomes.



The learner will:

The learner can:

1. Be able to use primary and secondary sources to initiate ideas.

1.1 Use different methods to research ideas including:

  • paper based sources.
  • lens based means.
  • electronic means.

1.2 Use a personal sketch book/journal to record research.

2. Be able to use lateral research to develop creative ideas.

2.1 Demonstrate the ability to develop a range of ideas.

2.2 Develop the less familiar characteristics of the subject matter using lateral research.

3. Know how to use historical and contextual references to expand aesthetic understanding.

3.1 Interpret the work of other artists and designers, appropriate to the topic.

3.2 Extend range of own ideas using historical and contextual references.

4. Know how to expand research into creative visual ideas with materials and processes.

4.1 Develop visual ideas, using a variety of materials and processes innovatively.

4.2 Critically evaluate results to further expand creative outcomes.

5. Be able to critically evaluate creative work.

5.1 Critically evaluate own work through the stages of development, showing aesthetic and practical considerations.

5.2 Critically analyse the work of the peer group.

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