Sheikh Zayed: History, Foundation and Development (HIS130)

Sheikh Zayed: History, Foundation and Development (HIS130)

This course introduces the values of UAE founding father sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al-Nahyan to students` souls, and provides them with substantial knowledge about this cherished and inspiring character; his biography, ideals, beliefs, principles, politics and prominent status. This module exposes Zayed’s endeavors in founding the United Arab Emirates, and the strategies he pursued in founding the state. It also focuses on the prominent manifestations of the development and outstanding progress achieved in the Emirati nation thanks to the rewarding efforts undertaken by the late Sheikh Zayed in political, social, cultural, economic and administrative aspects.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, students will be able to :

  1. Recognize the major values of United Arab Emirates as per implemented by Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan
  2. Analyze the chief internal and external strategies that Sheikh Zayed conducted using humanities and social studies academic curricula.
  3. Appraise the enormous ventures that Sheikh Zayed invested in the foundation and transformation of the Emirati nation.
  4. Explain the prestigious global standing of the founding father Zayed bin Sultan through learning about his policies and achievements recorded in historical documents.
  5. Design a research work on the founding father Zayed bin Sultan, adopting the accredited research protocols through novelty research methodology



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