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Although grading and marking of students in order to determine their level of intelligence and knowledge is often considered as an inappropriate thing and arguments are made that grading or marking can just measure a students’ memory but not their caliber and level of intelligence at all. This is an insignificant means of measuring the level of understanding one particular student possess regarding the concepts he has been taught. There are various different examples where students having sound knowledge and understanding of a subject are found taking lower grades and this cannot simply portray them as a weaker student or as a non-intelligent person. There are different ways of examining a child’s intelligence followed at schools and colleges including the written, oral as well as practical skills. As each student has a different style of demonstrating their knowledge so they cannot perform well in all these formats and their grades can be affected as well. Despite of all these arguments and debates, grading and marking has never been omitted from the practices of schools and colleges across the globe and students’ level of understanding and intelligence is still determined through grading. This is because of several crucial reasons. When getting finance assignment help, the five major reasons among them for which grading is considered as significant in maintaining an academic testimony have been listed here,

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Grading and marking of the students’ essays, assignments and examination are of great significance at schools and colleges despite of various debates and arguments made against them because it helps students in determining their current level of learning and understanding about a particular subject. For finance assignment help, this can help students as well as the teachers in focusing on the areas that are weak and in improving the quality of learning in those particular areas. Without any grading or marking system at schools and colleges, students would have never been able to determine their weak points and areas and had never been able to work on improving their weak areas and becoming better in their academics including assignments, essay writing, exams, etc.

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Another big reason why grading and marking are still a part of school and college systems is that they help in providing the capable students with scholarships and appreciations. A student doing continuous struggle and giving out his maximum potential in order to keep his academics upfront surely deserves some appreciation and acknowledgement. And this acknowledgement is often provided to the students in the form of scholarships and appreciation letters. These are not possible unless the students with best academic records are highlighted and that is only possible through grading and marking system in the evaluation of assignments, and exams papers, etc. For finance assignment help, these grades and marks cannot be considered as their exact level of understanding or knowledge, but they can surely be termed as their performance at school or college and the efforts they have put into the maintenance of their academics. Thus, grading and marking are rightly associated with the evaluation systems of schools and colleges and they have been helping various capable students in availing well-deserving scholarships over the period.

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For finance assignment help, grades are important because bigger organizations always hunt for graduates who have higher grade points in most of their courses. This does not mean that a student having good practical knowledge but lower grade points will never be considered by any good and big organization, but they will not be given the priority most of the times. This is why schools and colleges still follows the grading and marking system and determines the grade of each student at the end of each learning year or academic session so as to clarify them, their parents or guardians as well as the job market about their performance and the efforts and potential that they have invested in the all of their assignments, essay writing home works and exam papers, etc.

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Once a student is able to achieve good grades by getting best finance assignment help, at school and college, they are almost subjugated to the better fortune automatically. For finance assignment help, students having good academic records and higher-grade points are always taken as a priority within the job market and they are given offers that makes their lives set and their earnings continue to raise till the end of their life. Even if we talk about the good graders with a business perspective, a startup proposal form a student having higher grade points is always given priority over the proposal presented by a low grader at college. This is because the financial supporters can easily trust in the planning of high graders and they expect a good return on investing with them. This is the reason why schools and colleges do not get over following this grading and marking system despite of all the arguments and debates made against this practice. For finance assignment help, grading is much important in the maintenance of students’ academic testimony in all the situations as mentioned above for it helps them in the determination of their efforts and potential in sustaining their academics, helps them improving the quality of their learning, provides opportunities of availing well-equipped scholarships, comes up with good jobs and business opportunities as well as makes it easier for the students to work on making their future bright.

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